My Sketch about How I see The BlockChain for the @Sndbox #BlockSketch Challenge

in blocksketch •  6 months ago

My Sketch about How I see The BlockChain for the @Sndbox #BlockSketch Challenge

Hello Community of Steemit and @Sndbox Here I present my entry to this Question. I really see the blockchain as a indirect network that is in all of our city, and we never imagine that Blockchain is around us the most of the time, that's why I sketch what is look like my design of a Blockchain, and then I went to the street to take the photo I present to you, like the perfect combination of the blockchain and the World, and talking about the photo designm the combination of the sketch and the real world. I Hope you like it! :D


And you? how would you illustrate ''Blockchain'' in 1 drawing?


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Thanks for participating in our weekly question :D

Your block sketch was spotlighted in our latest post, here!


thank you very much!, as always is so much fun and a pleasure enter in your challenges. you guys are making a great job, Keep doing it!. And you can be shure I'll be there! :D

wow this is totally interesting great art work :))


Thank you very much! :D I'm glad you like it! :P

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