EOS Cafe Calgary: Code of Conduct, Roadmap, Finances and Voting

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We are EOS Cafe Calgary, a block producer candidate born from the collaboration between EOS Cafe DAC and EOS Calgary. If this is the first time you are hearing about EOS Cafe DAC or EOS Cafe Calgary, have a look at our introduction post.

The exemplary code of conducts released by EOS42 and EOS New York inspired us to write this document outlining our values and missions as a block producer candidate. We are also excited to share our roadmap, financial profile and stance on dividend sharing to voters.

Core Values

We believe that our seven core values will guide us to success:

Cooperation: We will continue to work together with the global EOS community and block producers in strengthening, promoting and adding value to the EOS network.

Integrity: We will execute our responsibilities as promised and will uphold the chain governance adopted by EOS community.

Fairness: We will treat our partners, coworkers and the community fairly and not discriminate based on differences.

Honesty: We will be transparent with our progress on dApps development and community building by issuing mandatory quarterly reports including clear breakdowns of finances.

Innovation: We will continue to explore and to build innovative solutions to create value for EOS ecosystem and to be an active member of block producers.

Follow Chain Governance: We will participate in shaping chain governance and will base our actions on the EOS chain governance.

Non-Collusion: At EOS Cafe Calgary, the health of the EOS ecosystem is our utmost priority . We will not tolerate collusion between entities in the ecosystem and prevent entities from developing power disparities in the community.

Core Missions

Our general mission is to help develop and maintain a decentralized system which can secure life, liberty and prosperity for all.

Secure and high-availability BP infrastructure: We will continue to develop our infrastructure ecosystem to provide a secure and reliable EOS network. EOS Cafe Calgary will remain engaged and spearhead discussions related to the security of the network and the security of EOS token holders. We have also developed internal scaling plans for pre-launch, launch and post-launch to meet all demands of the EOS network.

dApps development: EOS Cafe Calgary will continue to both invest in technology dApps aiming to improve the EOS ecosystem and advise projects, meetups, workshops and conferences at the local, national and international level.

Community funding: EOS Cafe Calgary will continue to support EOS Cafe DAC’s vision of building an EOS Cafe in each city around the world. We believe this will bootstrap the use of EOS globally, as EOS Cafes will enable the general public to buy even the simplest of items, a cup of coffee, using EOS.

Education: EOS Cafe Calgary will continue to invest in technology meetups, workshops and conferences at the local, national and international level. For introductory sessions to EOS, we will develop and release educational materials to promote the positive uses of cryptocurrency and the specific advantages of EOS in the blockchain space.

EOS Cafe Calgary Roadmap and Milestones

Q1 2018

  • Assemble team and supporting personnel (completed)
  • Identify cloud providers and local data center partner for co-hosting and security audit (completed)
  • Initialize infrastructure discussions (completed)

Q2 2018

  • Release community guides for setting up local wallets, initializing nodes, and joining testnets as EOS Debug (https://github.com/eoscafe/eos-debug) (completed)
  • Release one-click binaries for generating and EOS key pairs as EOS Key (https://github.com/eoscafe/eoskey) (completed)
    Conduct continual DDoS testing and invest in DDoS mitigation (completed)
  • Sponsor the hack-till-dawn hackathon (completed)
  • Speak at BP panel in Tulip Conference (https://tulipconf.com/)
  • Successfully boot the EOS blockchain

Q3 2018

  • Issue Q2 2018 progress and financial report
  • Hire C++ developers
  • Continue the development of system tools to monitor and increase operational performance
  • Develop nodeos plugin to detect fork and connection error
  • Conduct BP infrastructure review to identify scaling need and system tools development
  • Conduct and publicly release bi-annual security audit
  • Develop educational contents to disseminate information about EOS Platform

Q4 2018

  • Prepare resources for storage or multi-threaded EOS.IO release
  • Issue Q3 2018 progress and financial report
  • Host Q4 2018 series of workshops for developers
  • Conduct BP infrastructure review to identify scaling need and system tools development
  • Develop block explorer tool for end users
  • Develop front-end web portal for displaying BP compute resources and performance

Q1 2019

  • Issue Q4 2018 progress and financial report
  • Conduct BP infrastructure review to identify scaling need and system tools development
  • Scale the infrastructure to hybrid cloud and local data center
  • Conduct and publicly release bi-annual security audit
  • Host Q1 2019 series of workshops for developers
  • Finalize planning for hackathons to be scheduled on Q2 2019

Q2 2019

  • Issue Q1 2019 progress and financial report
  • Conduct infrastructure review to identify scaling need and system tools development
  • Host the bi-annual EOS Calgary hackathon
  • Identify innovative dApps from hackathon for funding support
  • Develop supply chain tracking system for small businesses

Financial Disclosure

EOS Cafe Calgary is a 100% self-funded BP candidate, entirely funded by our founders. Our estimated split of our revenue after election is:
Figure 1. EOS Cafe Calgary Estimated Finances

As seen from the diagram above, the portion for developing EOS Cafes is directly contributed to the EOS Cafe DAC, a separate entity with the sole purpose of promoting the adoption of EOS and building EOS Cafes. We believe it is important for block producers to operate on the basis of their technological expertise providing infrastructure, dApps and workshops while community building organizations are decentralized and operate independently. As such, the EOS Cafe DAC has a separate governance system than EOS Cafe Calgary or EOS Calgary, and is governed directly by the holders of BEANS tokens. To further promote transparency and fairness, the relationship between the EOS Cafe DAC and EOS Calgary will be reviewed annually for renewal by BEANS token holders, who may decide to renew the relationship or rescind it.

EOS Cafe Calgary will operate a cost-effective BP infrastructure by continuing to utilize hybrid infrastructure of cloud and local data centers. We are certain that a hybrid infrastructure will allow us to operate high-availability and secure infrastructure while providing us with options to minimize latency and overall operational cost. Therefore, as seen in Figure 1, we set our goal for funding dApps development, community building and supporting EOS Cafe missions to 40% of total revenue. In order to achieve this goal, EOS Cafe Calgary will continue to work with other BPs in reducing operational cost.

Supporting Vote Integrity

EOS Cafe Calgary is unequivocally AGAINST vote buying and the concept of dividend sharing with voters, as previously stated in our initial BP candidacy post (https://steemit.com/eos/@eoscafe/we-are-eos-cafe-a-global-block-producer-candidate). We believe that directing the BP income into EOS community building, dApps development and funding will have a better multiplier effect for the EOS ecosystem than dividing it as dividends to attract voters. Each time the EOS inflation is used for development, it will attract more developers and users which results in positive appreciation of EOS token value benefitting all token holders. Concurrently, directing the inflation to help promote development on the network increases the purchase of EOS for resources, thus invoking the RAM tax and lowering the cost of block rewards for the EOS ecosystem and increasing funds for the worker proposals.


EOS Cafe Calgary is very supportive of the idea of maximizing the EOS inflation for developing the EOS ecosystem, while concurrently ensuring that block producers are not being wasteful through open, transparent use of funds. While a dividend sharing program may provide short term benefits to a user, it is often an insignificant reward. Additionally, paying voters does not contribute to the success of the EOS network in the long term. When rewards are reinvested in positive development of the EOS ecosystem, it leverages the multiplier effect to deliver value to stakeholders.

We will continue to achieve our values and missions by promoting the adoption of EOS through tools, meetups, workshops, hackathons and continuous knowledge sharing. EOS Cafe Calgary aims to become a leading block producer candidate by providing value to EOS token holders and continue to be a responsible beneficiary of EOS token inflation by displaying operational transparency and open communication to other BPCs and the collective EOS community.

Join Us

EOS Cafe Calgary is a Block Producer Candidate for the EOS.IO Blockchain that is a partnership between EOS Cafe DAC and EOS Calgary.


Good post guys and a big thank you for the EOS key gen software, loved it.

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