BlockPay, C-IPFS, Stealth, graphenej, Smartcoins Wallet... Weekly Report

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Hey Hey!

This past week was absolutely amazing, we got more code committed than past week's reports for over 3 months!! What does that mean? That means that we're kickin butt and getting a ton done. So, without delay, let's get right to this weeks report...

Status of the BitShares Munich IVS hostile takeover attempt - As was shown here, you-know-who is being removed from my company, and we hope to meet with him in person on the 11th (yes, in 3 days) at the address he registered with the Denmark government here (look closely, it appears to be an auto-repair shop!!):
Vintervej 119, 1.1., Hasle, 8210 Aarhus V. , Denmark

As soon as he is voted out (I own 51%), then we can hopefully trace down all the funds, regain control of the company's assets, pay all the debts due, and do what is necessary to get the BLOCKPAY token holders back on track as fast as possible. There appears to be well over 800 of us holding those tokens now, so damnit I want the passive income that I was promised! Speaking of income, I still have not received my salary and it is overdue by 3 months now. I wonder if he's paying himself a salary from Investors' funds..?

NON-Aggression Principle

Ok ok, enough rant for today, on to the WORK being done! :)

BlockPay - If you haven't gotten your local market or cafe to try BlockPay yet, what are you waiting for? Don't you want to spend your Steem Dollars or Bitcoin there??

This week we got a ton of new streamlined coding into the app. It's a continuation of last week's effort in order to remove the old websockets library and completely replace it with our graphenej functionality.

However, the existing graphenej usage was still very simple, and did not handle all the possible situations. Some of the features described above were specially developed in order to cover these cases.

Whenever the user pressed the "home" button in the app for instance, not only the connection was being retained in the background, but the subscription data was still flowing in, despite the app not being in the foreground anymore. This of course represents a waste of user data (which is usually limited on mobile devices) and has a direct effect on battery life. A similar situation was already fixed in the previous websocket implementation, and now had also to be taken care with graphenej. We now keep the connection open, in order to reuse it in case the user comes back to the app, but issue an unsubscribe API call in order to cut the incoming data stream. The previously described "resubcribe" call is issued in case an active connection is detected when the user comes back to an existing instance of the app.

Another case that had to be handled was the possibility of a node (server) being down or unreachable. Remember, in my report last week I mentioned that we are taking the current nodes offline (freezing you-know-who's bank account) and putting in brand new servers (thanx again to @onceuponatime). That was also present in the previous websocket logic, but was not yet present with the graphenej implementation. We now just go ahead and try to connect to the next node in the list in case of any problem with the currently selected node. All this work is uploaded into this commit.

A bunch of classes were rendered useless with these changes and were removed here.

For now, I am still keeping the blockpay repo private until we can get BlockPay some traction, so for cryin' out loud show it to your local merchant!


graphenej - Exposing a new method called "resubscribe" in the SubscriptionMessageHub class. This method will make use of an existing connection, and just issue a new subscription over it. This update can be checked here:

A couple of internal variables were introduced to keep track of the connection state of the SubscriptionMessageHub, which solved a critical bug here:

Fixing a bug introduced by some previous changes in the UserAccount class. We basically now need to call the "getObjectId" method instead of the "toJsonString" which was previously used. See the coding:


Stealth - Stealth transactions will offer up secure automated backups too and this week we're working on the c-ipfs and c-libp2p repos to facilitate this. Check out the latest coding for this feature here:

The failure of the multistream handshake was leaving the connection open and opening a new connection, which left the code unstable and freezing, now that is fixed but we still have to find out why the multistream handshake is failing. This week we should get the code for that finished up as well and then on to the C-IPFS release on github so that everyone can hack on it with us and help me with the security audits, etc.


Smartcoins Wallet - Have you tried the android wallet yet?? I've poured my heart and soul into this thing so if you want an easy way to move your Bitshares assets around please download it and give it a shot. I hope you like it :)

This week we finished (see Note below) the migration to the external graphenej lib, update some of its usage and started working on the reported bugs at github and crashlytics.

I was just about to publish an update to google play, but in some intense testing we found UX bugs like, not always the balance updates (even in same conditions, sometimes it does, sometimes not), etc. The only serious bug found is an occasional problem with encryption/decryption of transaction memos. So we'll focus on this over the next couple days and then see if we can upload a more stable release that fixes that as well. I love that we catch these sort of things before the user can :)

Note: To finish the full migration to graphenej as an external library, we decided to include some old model classes hardcoded from the old graphene-lib you can see here:

Only two classes , the and api/ The logic behind these two are coded completely different in the current graphenej lib. We were porting these two to the new graphene standard, but it would have been a considerable time to do it (we left this partial work done in a staged commit), then we decided to not port this now, and focus on the github issues first so that we are all caught up from the point where our paychecks stopped coming.

These two classes were coded by a different Dev in the past in an unfavorable way, so we decided to change some of the logic and the classes where this logic goes on our newer graphenej lib releases, so that explains the incompatibility.

The relevant commits for this work are:


Thanx for following our work! Tons done and a lot more products to build! :)

BONUS 1: Upvotes and Re-Steems get you a 100% upvote (yes, free money!)

BONUS 2: Ok, so on Tuesday I am going to give you a little treat. Remember when I told you that we have been working on a new mobile wallet that natively supports 6 different blockchains? Yes, just ONE mobile wallet app that let's you spend your STEEM, Steem Backed Dollars, Bitcoin, Bitshares assets, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin at any crypto merchant? That's not all!

Well please Follow me here and you'll be the first to find out.
Oh, and yes, it's newsworthy too......

Let's Agorise the world! :)


Has anybody any idea why @chris4210, who has not communicated with the bitshares or steemit communities for weeks despite serious allegations of wrongdoing, is still a Committe Member in bitshares? I mean, come on guys. Vote him out already! Sheeeesh!

I removed my vote for Chris4210 a week ago.

With regards to encouraging a more active voting userbase, I created a draft BSIP on the topic of introducing expiring votes within the BTS network recently, this could help remove unfavourable entities without the need for a smear campaign.

Any thoughts regarding making votes decay/expire over time?

Keep up the great work! Looking forward to seeing stealth appear on the testnet soon.

It's going to be a revolutionary change within Bitshares once released, there'll be little to no reason to use the privacy oriented cryptos over the BTS DEX..

Good news. I look forward to see more progress. Just bought some blockpay on OL.

It's so good to see the steady progress being made and I can sense your enthusiasm and passion for the project. That's great news because all of us will benefit!

Thank you so much @kus-knee:)
I hope the crypto infrastructure we're building will inspire others to try it out and show it off...

Both the Smartcoins Wallet and BlockPay can be downloaded and used immediately, FREE of charge, so people that are here on steemit just leeching for upvotes might want to consider trying the apps and bringing prosperity to their town and breaking the chains of their enslavement.

One thing is for sure.. Those leechers are still far from Agorism.

Awesome Awesome Post - Given your clout on STEEM - I took your advice and RESTEEMED and UPVOTED your post - Even if you didn't offer a "In Return" prosthesis I still would have probably upvoted the post for you - Keep On Keeping On @kencode @krytonika @trevonjb

I'm not sure how I got the $1.01 so far on this reply - but I am sincerely grateful - I think I'm "getting it" - SLOWLY - Lol @kencode @trevonjb

Thanks for sharing the news. Followed, Upvoted and resteemed.

Wow amazing! Thank you soooo much @mnkassier much love!! :)

Thanks for the update fellow crownholder,it's much appreciated, although as a non-programmer, I only get the gist of it. I hold some few blockpay tokens, and I just downloaded the smartcoins Android app, so I'm eagerly awaiting developments.
Upvoted, resteemed and followed.

Congratulation !!
You made a great work! This post is very useful and interesting

Thanks for sharing! Upvote and resteem

I don't see your resteem but I do thank you for spreading the word about the Smartcoins Wallet and BlockPay :)

I like any project that implements IPFS. I think the technology has great potential and it deserves adoption.

Thanks for the update @kencode. You're truly an asset to this community, thank you for all of your hard work even in the face of inordinate amounts of stress.

Hey, regarding the stealth+ipfs automatic backups, could you link me (or write something) to information that explains why this is necessary at all?

And, do you foresee any issues with transparently proxying that connection through Tor?

Thank you for sharing @kencode

I followed, upvote and resteemed your post :)

Woot! Thanx jraysteem :)

Nice post, you got my upvote and resteeming

Very useful and interesting report kencode, you made a strong work here. Thanks a lot

Thank you for reading it! I wonder sometimes if people even care that I post these updates every week.

I'm not sure about it but in my case your report is very useful i learn a lot from each one. Upvote and resteemed. Thanks a lot again

Wow an upvote and a re-steem! MUCH love @dim753 thank youuuu! :)

No, man thanks for your great job :)

Please continue with this weekly reports.

Super excited to see some actual solutions take shape. Resteemed.

Indeed, thank you so much @funkit !! :)

It is the reason I got interested in the first place. A functional payment system, not just a maybe sometime.

Awesome. I liked your new video too.

Congratulation @kencode and his team for bringing to the world the most advance blockchain payment solution. There's nothing outhere that match want Blockpay have been building for the last 2 years. This is one of the project the Steem community should really support. It's needed in the blockchain space and believe me, they will deliver.

Wow awesome comments thank you so much @pnc :)

I keep mentioning in my posts the importance of BlockPay but I wonder sometimes if people are even trying it out. BlockPay is a bit tedious to setup initially since you need to setup that surety account with Blocktrades, but once that is done then even bitcoin transactions are wicked fast.

DEAR READERS, PLEASE DOWNLOAD BLOCKPAY AND SHOW IT TO YOUR LOCAL CAFE OWNER. Once you demonstrate how they can start accepting any of the top cryptocurrencies at ZERO cost, you'll have a new friend for life!

By the way, they will be super-stoked if you host a Meetup group there once in a while too, you might even get free drinks out of the deal.... hint hint :)

Thanx again @pnc - Prost! :)

Ur welcome @kencode this product has to be known. I've been sharing and demo at some local event here in Montreal (Canada). Yes it's little tidious to setup and get coffee shop confortable with crypto. We need to go through an education phase first. As we start making it easier, things would takeoff like wifi. BlockPay features are so compeling.

You made a great work! This post is very useful and interesting

Thanks for sharing! Upvote and resteem

I am re-steeming this. Thank you.

Read. Appreciate how hard you are working to perfect every part of this platform. See you Tuesday for an update. 🐓🐓

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thank you

Be careful, post-hijacking will get you flagged and that 41 reputation that you have can fall to 0, then nobody will see your ads. Just a friendly heads up :)

Thank you very much. I am very grateful. I appreciate the way you took this. I have been receiving downvotes. IT was an honest mistake. I appreciate. Thanks

Great news @kencode, I hope everything goes smoothly on the 11th & everything can get back on track. I'm just itching to try the carbon wallet you were showing off a while back! :D

Keep up the great work!

thanks for sharing, you make a great post. I resteem

Thanks for sharing the news waiting for Tuesday treat
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Amazing post. BitShares is a relatively less capital crypto token but still has the potential to grow big. It's updated algo and transfer times are much convenient than overcrowded blockchains. Plus, Stealth transactions are excellent perspective. I'm excited for trying out your multi-currency crypto wallet. Best of luck @kencode .

Good post thanks for sharing

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I use most of the wallets above lol .. Good informative post i needed this somehow and found it on steemit

@kencode I have read many of your posts and like them, this one is also fantastic. I collected bits of information on SegWit and the Bitcoin Chain Split on August 1, 2017 and have written a post about it. Since you know about cryptocurrencies for a long time, it would be great if you could just have a look at my posts (, and (

This is great. I was starting to think blockpay was losing steem and falling behind. Thanks ken!

I really appreciate your work. It's amazing
Thanks for sharing

Oh and I'll be looking into this. New info for a newbie in the crypto space...thanks

Nice nice nice.wel done and i appreciate your work @kencode ..its very useful to me....thank you so much sharing your valuble knowledge with us...keep it up...GOD BLESS YOU

Thank you so much @kencode your kindness upvote my comment...I'm following your every post day by day...I'm waiting for your next valuble post..thanks again...

Excellent work, my friend, keep it up: D

Great job! Thanks

Excellent post, thanks for sharing it.

I looked at github posting..and followed you in github!!! have IPFS library in c. We had a plan to explore smart lock based smart contracts in ethreum..( but looks like too early for the market!!!!!! want to spend some time in steem block chain...not sure what exactly is open s ourced and what would be the licensing terms..

thank you for the reports.. as always great article...

Post a good, good to be aware of new information.

great post/work keepsitupsy!! grtnz,Belgium

follow for follow @dkinx

Please follow me. I will do the same

Help yourself and your town by downloading and using our free apps.

Could you please drop some lines the difference between blockpay and tenx project? It looks like blockpay is moving slowler than tenx so far. Thank you for your report. It makes me understand more about crypto

Let me know if you have questions about BlockPay, I'll try to help, thanx :)

I have no question so far. Just 1 request: please make Smartcoins Wallet to support lower Android version. In many Asia countries we still use the old phone! :)

I asked Ken about this back in January. I was using Android 4 and he said that Android 4 does not support websockets. Websockets are a crucial requirement for any graphene chain, so not possible to support without it (there is always a way, however it costs tons to implement and is just not practical). Ken, set me straight if I got any of that wrong.

I wish I could but websockets requires you to run a more current version of android, sorry :(

Always here :P

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