So what's been going on in Bitshares-Munich? Part 3

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The letter below speaks for itself.


I do not need to add a single word :-)

ENJOY! :-)

Page one


Page 2



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Nice to have such an important document time stamped on the blockchain also.

@onceuponatime - you sir, just won the internet.

Ken is lucky for having your support in such a crucial matter as this. I hope for the best result to your case guys.

Smart and humble! :D

Some would say "Done like dinner!" Good news, it is now resolved, as much as it may. Thanks for the update on this saga.

Namaste :)

Thank you!

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Thanks for your update man

You are movers and shakers...

And still the account chris4210 is listed as a committee member.

Yeah! wtf?

I hope this matter will be closed in the most possible civilised way and then we see the rise of blockpay.

I think he took money from all of us,... Very good to open this letter for all of us. It sure opens eyes and unfortunately it happens to many times that big "bosses" act wrong and try to benefit ....... from us. Thanks again for this info.

Yes...i agree with you sir... @livelifefullest

I do not want to seem spammy here, but I broke the news in this post that POLONIEX just lifted the BTS/Bitshares wallet lockdown for the last weeks/months etc -- nobody could move their funds.

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First post in this matter, with just facts! Thank you! Could mean sireous trouble for some people.

Ha ha this guy got told. Sad you actually had to use a lawyer to remove him. He should have just left on his own according seeing he was a dud.

He thought he could take over the company right until the end. May still think so!

Some people are so sure of themselves

I would say full of themselves. There's nothing wrong with self confidence, except when you can't admit you're wrong, and being an aggressor is always wrong (defensive force is not aggression).

He was close...

un f believable that some people makes such a mess, and that they still think they are god. the world is full of these people on high positions. They don't see reality and just keep f xx things up.

And many of those types of people happen to be lawyers! A coincidence? I think not!

This is fantastic....the best thing is, you stood by your friend and kept him going in the face of despicable difficulties.

I have seen for the first time such kind of letter. I do hope that things got solved soon.

Absolutely shocking behavior from a CEO, thanks for the update. Great insight into the situation at Bitshares...

The BitShares platform itself is run and maintained by the BitShares community–an open consortium of individuals and organizations committed to providing universal access to the power of smart contracts.

... Working together, this community has designed and developed the BitShares platform to include numerous innovative features which are not found elsewhere within the smart contract industry:

Oh, well a fire email! Does it mean bad for Bitshares?

It is always good to clear out the dead wood and the bad actors from any project.

Oh, so it's a good news!

Sounds like some good progress is being made. Good for you!

This just doesn't make sense to me... I wish you the best...

I read a helpful information at the end of your articles. When I come to to register an account. I am not sure which one better between Wallet Model and Account Model. Could you give me an advice? Thanks

Don't know whats going on here but did hear about bitshares before, going to find out more about it :)
By the way, made an account at bitshares, but seems like i am getting an error: "Failed to sync with the API server
Please verify that your computer clock is correct." My computer IS showing the correct time. Any way to fix this? I am a newbie :c

You can always find help and support at or at the Telegram Channel:

Did manage to fix it. I had to change some API thing :)

good info to me

bitshares is one of the main crypto in my list...i also have a bitshare wallet that installed as you told..great post keep it up writing, of luck..

Thank you for posting @onceuponatime.

Sounds lovely.

Are you available in chat?


So aside from all the thumbs up posts, I don't think things are anywhere close to being settled. Just because ken sent a letter from a lawyer "firing" Chris doesn't mean that Chris is actually fired. Chris has been building his case for months. Also he is in control of all the money, which I'm sure the transferring was done under careful vetting by his lawyers. If anything this letter is just the beginning of a long legal battle. It's in no way bringing this drama to a conclusion.

Also, if the quality of this letter is any indication, then this lawyer is sloppy. There are several grammatical and factual mistakes. How is someone supposed to "handle over all assets". Or "you are terminated and removed you from your position". Also the name of the transferring wallet is incorrect, it's echocold1 not "echocol"

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So you're saying we should sell our cars and put our life savings into bitshares. I'm on board

Good post!

Thank you for your inspirational post :-)

Hey, i saw your name and thought: they shoot Once Upon A Time here in Vancouver... i've been on the show :)

Cheers! from @thedamus

Thats pretty cool!

Hey, I was in Vancouver just yesterday (and nobody shot me, lol)


Genius! Onceuponatime rules!!!

It wouldn't be the first time "rapid confirms" were part of the core tenet of a alt-coin. I do have some questions about it, though.

From the reference site: - Performance and Scalability

A blockchain that processes 100,000 transactions every second generates a lot of data. The average size of a transaction on competing networks, such as Ripple and Bitcoin, is about 250 bytes. A similar transaction on BitShares averages just 100 bytes.

So, math time - if they process 100k transactions at 100 bytes each per second:

100,000 x 100 = 10,000,000 bytes per second

Which equates to approximately:

~10 MB per second, ~600 MegaBytes per minute, ~36 GigaBytes per hour, ~864 GigaBytes per day, ~6.04 TeraBytes per week, ~314.49 PetaBytes per year.

That is a pretty heavy storage requirement. I don't see how that could scale reliably if there is any kind of storage of transaction IDs and other data.

Perhaps you have an answer for this? I'm just curious about it since I haven't heard much about this alt-coin-index-thing.


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Hello @onceuponatime
Nice post.....Appreciated your ideas about bitshares.....its very useful to stood by all steemians and kept their going in the face of despicable difficulties....thank you si much sharing your valuble knowledge with us....keep it up post....GOD BLESS YOU...

Thank you so much @onceuponatime your kindly upvote my comment....i'm waiting for your valuble next post and i'm surely follow your evrry post day by day.thanks alot again sir.

very good post onceuponatime :)

Well that doesn't look good.
Let's see what will happen

Doesn't look good? What?

I know what will happen.

I have known ever since the attempted hostile takeover perps rejected a peaceful moderated discussion to settle differences. They thought they could play hardball in the crypto world with their fiat world connections and leave the majority shareholder of bitshares-munich out in the cold.

Kidds these days. Sheeeesh!

Well, one way or another, THEY WILL LEARN RESPECT!

I guess they feel a bit too entitled these days... ;)

Namaste :)

nice upvote mate:) you earned it but why not upvote on the commenters?

Because the commenters didn't pay for the lawyer, I did :-)

$7,000 dollars just for the Danish lawyer. There are also lawyer expenses in Germany and two other countries so far. It's expensive to teach these kidds a lesson! But they so much need to be taught and stop their pollution of the values of our crypto (at least graphene) ocommunities!

Clear and to the point. Now we understand!

Dude Make them make you CEO!

Good answer haha! Damn need to follow you for some juciy outcomes. !

...And the crypto-musketeer strikes again! Good for you, good for us all! Namaste :)

Thx for making this happen and indeed fight for justice.

thanks mate..thanks for the update

nice post :)

I have bitshares. should I be worried???

No, you should be preparing now with ideas of how to put your great wealth to good use as bitshares moons this summer.

good information to me
thank you^^

Great to see progress on this! Thanks for the update @onceuponatime

It's a massive shame that Chris chose to tarnish his name by pulling this shit..

Nice work. Very helpful..

Excelente informacion y ademas con respaldo de un documento original, gracias por su aporte.

Since Im on a steemit it seems to me that important things are always happening on this platform, always in movement, never stagnating. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much for this. I took some time and attention away from BLOCKPAY and now returning to giving away to people.

Follow me I follow back 😀😀

You've got my back? lol

Lol..He is one among the active whales so give some respect. Try this comment with some minnows it might work over there but certainly not here.

thanks for the update

Hmmm I must get in on this investment!

@onceuponatime I used that link to make an account but I choose the Account model. Should I choose the Wallet model? With the account model I have only a password.

Ask your question here:

There are more knowledgeable people than me there to assist you.

Ok I will do, I asked you cause I thought that you were the master of bitshares =p

Thank you for sharing the information, and great post!

Do you really have that big power?

"Power is in the eye of the beholder!"

That would be you.

Wow ,thanks for answer. Could you please upvote my last blog post ? It would be awesome...

Some resolution! Thank you for posting this and giving us an update.

Or not. You decide.

I decided a long time ago when this thing started. It's an easy decision when you see who has integrity and who doesn't.

Good to have an update, was following this case up close. Good to know its in good hands.

Hoping for the best!

Thanks for sharing. This is fantastic

Tut tut.

Thanks for the info/update!

Hi @onceuponatime thank you for sharing this post.

Thank you for sharing! @onceuponatime

A little bit of new information is beginning to open up. Now i can finally start to understand a small part of what's going on. Thank you sir for sharing.

Wow I can't imagine how frustrated Mr. Silver is!

I'm pretty sure this blog post will clarify lots of the problems that are going on at Bitshare. Before you participate in any ICO, you might want to check out the interview of Ben Yu that I posted. It's extremely relevant to ICOs and the people who are looking to invest long term in cryptocurrencies.

so here is the news..thanks for the update...

thanks for sharing..

@onceuponatime, there was a goodnews coming.

Thank you ! @onceuponatime

fired through!

thanks for sharing, pal! much appreciated

Wow thanks for that.
Things are looking up for BTS!

I wonder will this news pull BTS out of it's dip.

Well then. The mystery is starting g to unravel. Glad this change is being made.

I do not want to seem spammy here, but I broke the news in this post that POLONIEX just lifted the BTS/Bitshares wallet lockdown for the last weeks/months etc -- nobody could move their funds.

I did UV your post here and related, so please consider voting this up and getting it trending like your good post here!

If you don't want to seem spammy, probably best to not be spammy, dontcha think?

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Just trying to help, it was related, and breaking news.

I like helping people.

How is it related? When I want to write about centralized exchanges I will (and have!). The topic here is bitshares-munich. NOT Poloniex!

If you want to warn people about Poloniex (I have warned them about ALL centralized exchanges for years, ever since the Mt. Gox fiasco) you can certainly do so. But please do so either on your own blog or as a comment on someone else's post where that is the topic.

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You could have linked to one of my articles or comments on the dangers of centralized exchanges and on the solution provided by the bitshares DEX. Same result, (quote "I like helping people,") but you would have been helping one additional person, me, instead of hijacking my post for your personal gain.

You sound like one of those goddam government politicians: "we're here to help" as they rob the public blind for their elite donor masters and line their own pockets while hiding behind the supposed social benefits they are providing at much higher rates than could be provided by a competitive free market.

The Crypto movement is about Agorism and the Non-Aggression Principal (don't hijack another's post for your own (however noble, lol) purposes - or it is about nothing at all, It will be just providemore efficient ways for banksters, corporations, their elite owners, and the bought and paid for political flunkies to take away our remaining freedom. They wish to force us to submit to their globalist socialist agenda. WE HAVE A DIFFERENT PLAN. :-)

I had no idea you promoted a post, so don't make assumptions.

BitShares - our posts were both about that, so obv. that is how they are related. Your spin to the fact it was on Poloniex - a central exchange is just that -- spin.

I was trying to help people, your post was right in my newsfeed, figured people would read and maybe be helped.

Relax, it was a post, since you want to talk about Non Aggression here.


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You are the joke in this case.

ok got it your point.


Looks pretty serious if you ask me...

Thanks for Finally some answer.

Thanks For Sharing This Buddy.
Let's See What Will Happen Next 😎

Appreciate the update my friend.

Thanks for the update!

It seems they they are threatning you with reporting you to the Danish police for breach of trust in regards to the danish penal code art. 280.
I'm from Denmark, and hold a Master's degree in law.
Let me know if I shall put you in contact with a lawyer from the area :)

Who's reporting who?

I don't know the full story, but it seems to be implicit in their letter that Koch/Christensen Law Firm are considering reporting Mr. Hering to the Police since they are the correct authority to handle cases regarding breach of the penal code.
In other words: To private parties cannot have a case tried at court regarding breach of the penal code. It requires police investigation and a willingness from the local prosecuter to take the case (based on an evaluation of evidence against the suspect)

this coin company are becoming what people run away from in the first place

Thanks for the update!

Thanks for sharing man.

That letter says it all and now we know. Thanks for sharing

Yeeeeees!!! )))

Your post is too valuable to me.

Thank you for the revelation!

This is it. Finally ... update ,I was thinking all the time about all this.. also I was worried. But know everything is fine atm.,cuz update is already here. Thank you for everything. Much res

Now that's a very well written letter. Could be used as a model in Communications: 101.

An interesting story and always being tense between parts.