Block Mountain Community Music Project Update! 06/2018

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This post was authored by @djlethalskillz, Sndbox Steward and co-creator of the @blockmountain project.

Block Mountain Community Music Project Update! 06/2018

Hi Steemians,

You're probably thinking every day "what's up with @blockmountain?" Right? Well even if you aren't, that's okay. We're going to tell you what is up with @blockmountain right now!

We have different parts moving at different speeds, naturally in the creative process.

Major works have been on the way from new beats to classical pieces being adapted to modern music. We have individuals creating samples, soundtracks, an orchestra is recording for us on a piece to be sampled, many vocalists, lyricists, etc. This is going to be one exciting creation in the end and is already tickling our eardrums.

@juxtamusic @silentscreamer @jonmagnusson @darrenclaxton @davidfar @ivan.atman @newenx @musicapoetica @bengy @jamesgetsit @trippz are the team for Edmund and are on the way to summit @blockmountain!

BLOCK MOUNTAIN is a collaborative music project between @djlethalskillz and @scuzzy that aims to engage, strengthen, and invigorate Steemit artists, musicians, and the community.

The purpose is to contribute to the enrichment of our community so that integrity and sincerity are acknowledged and awarded. In addition, Block Mountain strives to not only enlighten Steemit members, but also to promote the awareness of Steemit, its initiatives, affiliates, and other blockchain platforms to potentially productive members.

Learn more about the initiative and structure of the project in our launch post.

Album Trio Project with @blockmountain Founders

Yes, you read that right. @playitforward, @djlethalskillz, and @scuzzy are all pairing together to create an album. We are launching it through Block Mountain and plan to show as much of the process as we see fit! We’re all making very different styles of music and contributing a new creative viewpoint on process and musical magic.

We’re planning on launching a separate cover art contest for the tracks based on the themes of them coming soon! Stay tuned.

Cover Artwork

For those who are new to @blockmountain, check out the winners of our Cover Artwork Contest. Congratulations again to @voronoi, @kikima, @heathtyler, @jsf, and @storybird!



We proudly thank our sponsors that believe in this project and believe in music on the blockchain. Thank you @sndbox and @beanz.

Want to Learn More?

Click here to learn more about Block Mountain Community Music Initiative.

We want to make an album on the blockchain, have it be about and support the blockchain ideals, and reward everyone involved along the way!

A warm thanks to the guest author; @djlethalskillz, a member of Sndbox's first Cohort and Sndbox Steward. [Guest Authors receive 20% of the SBD rewards, and an opportunity to showcase projects developing within the incubator / broader Steemit community.]



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That's whats up fam 💥 BlockMountain moving forward, congrats and all the best @djlethalskillz @scuzzy @playitforward


@jsf Kudos mah man!

Good cooperation sure will result in awesome success ... fingers crossed 🤞

Block Mountain Community Music Project Update! 06/2018

Thanks for the update concerning music @snbox and wonderful work by you @djlethalskillz and @scuzzy for keeping the activities of @blockmountain rolling, I must say you guys are doing a great job.

Keep entertaining us as well as discovering new and great talents within the blockchain. Can't wait for the collaboration between @djlethalskillz, @scuzzy and @playitforward, it will sure be a great album. @sndbox, thanks for all the support within the blockchain, you guys are the best.


I’m a singer and I’ve read about all of this projects and I must confess , they are captivating.
I’d love to be part of the project. I’m a singer and I think I’d love to be part of this. Please consider me to be interviewed


Thanks for the feedback and your interest to be involved in the project, first team has been selected to create the first release under Block Mountain but with that said it will follow with more initiatives and similar projects join our Block Mountain Discord channel and follow our page @blockmountain to stay updated and connected. Kudos

great I say to you with solidarity, success for you

Good idea... Good luck

Good job! A trio project sounds interesting!


Woop Woop @bengy Salute! ;)

Hey team! What an exciting project that we're all involved with! Can't wait to share some Darren Claxton chops and vox!
@Scuzzy @djlethalskillz


mah man @darrenclaxton appreciate ur feedback and support, musicians community collaboration are a must we will ! Salute

aqui estoy apoyando su buen trabajo, soy venezolano espero contar con su apoyo, de antemano gracias y pase feliz tarde. no olvide visitarme

great, successful in solidarity. thanks for what you share

I think this post very helpful

Hope you produce quality music and not just like others that don't have any sense. Will be checking our for your album man! Best of luck!

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