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As anyone that works in an organisation that is larger than one can probably attest to, it can be quite difficult to get multiple people moving in the same direction for any particular project. This is even more true, when it comes to freelance musicians that are all working on multiple projects with multiple groups. It can be next to impossible to come together without a great deal of planning. So, unfortunately, this has been partly the case with the Musica Poetica contribution to the BlockMountain project (@blockmountain).

We were initially bewildered about the new way of recording (new for us!), the concept of additive recording, which we had never done before. In addition, the mix of styles was quite strange and challenging for us! However, we were looking forward to the challenge and the chance to work with talented musicians from across the world and across the genres.

However, the thing that was most difficult was trying to get the 3 core members of the orchestra together in the same place at the same time! This has not proven to be possible in the short term, and to avoid holding up the BlockMountain project any further, we have released a couple of our earlier live concert recordings for anyone in the BlockMountain project to freely use.

It is a pity that we had to come to this solution, but hopefully it is a solution that means that others that might have been depending upon us will now have something to work with. In the longer term, we will try to get the core 3 together over summer (or in extra time in the next project!) to try and have a few dry stems recorded and ready that we could use.

The following two live recordings have been shared to the BlockMountain Discord server as audio files for any of the participants of the project to freely use. I hope they will be of use to someone!

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