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RE: Subject: Team Building Ideas? (Blockcorp Roleplay)

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To: Literal Steve
CC: Paul
Subject: Re: Team Building Ideas

Dear Paul and Steve
I'm sorry for the late response. I was in a team-building exercise that took a turn for the worse. It was called the Human Knot, where we were instructed to make a circle and take hands with different people across the circle from us.

We were trapped like this for several agonizing hours. I personally was pinned under the arm of John from advertising. Some of the other members faired less well, being squished, strangled, or broken by the weight of their ice-breaking responsibilities.

These foolish games have wasted enough of our time. Is it that important that our employees work as a team? We have multiple redundancies to consider if we are going to meet the Q4 goals in block chaining. We should consider another round of layoffs or the Halloween Party for management level Ω is going to be on the chopping block!

Renee Nouveau
Public Relations for the
Secret Society Division


To: Renee Nouveau
CC: Myself (Just in case)
Subject: It's John

Hey Renee

How did you like being pinned under my arm during the Human Knot game? Would it make you feel any better if I told you I'd personally planned that game, and engineered myself to be knotted up against you? And how do you fancy a second date sometime?

No need to answer. I work in advertising, so I already know what I want you to want - and how to make you want it.

See you tonight!


To: John
From: Renee Nouveau
Subject: Re: It's John

Dear John,
Please refer to the attached Employee Breeding Program before trying to arrange dates with co-workers. I don't see you on my list of authorized breeding partners so I will have to politely decline.

"These unathorized pairings can result in your being fired...

... out of a cannon mounted on the roof."

Renee Nouveau
Public Relations for the
Secret Society Division

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