Video of my Talks at Google presentation on blockchains' future

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In early May, Google invited me to speak after I wrote an article in TechCrunch "The Blockchain is the new Google"
They were very gracious hosts & and I enjoyed contributing to the Talks at Google series that includes thousands of videos from a variety of interesting people.

Here's the video link:

And the Slides are on Slideshare:

I covered a lot of ground in 43 minutes + 10 mins of Q&A. Would love to hear what Steemers think :)


Which industry are you personally most excited about block chains disrupting?

For me, democracy

Yesss! I'd love to see a BitNation-like applied in real to a failing nation where that model rescues a country from disaster. I can think of about 50 countries that are candidates.
Aside from that, government services and anything to do with ownerships tracking should go on the blockchain.

For me, I am a big fan of sending money cheap and creating micro transaction via the blockchain. I mean the fees you need to pay for sending money around the world are too expensive right now and the blockchain will change it. Look at companies like western union you pay so much fees for sending money and they take it from the poorest people in the world.

The blockchain gives everyone the ability to have an "Bank" account.

for me governace and the predition market

I picked up your book a couple weeks ago. It is very well written @wmougayar

Thank you for this wonderful presentation , i like it

We need more video like this here. Not a spam of not interesting posts!

I'm sorry but this talk is misleading about the Blockchain

awesome..good luck to all project @wmougayar

Thank you, now I understand blockchains technology!

I read something somewhere about Google backing crypto. Was it Litecoin or Ripple XRP? Does anyone remember?

the blochain is the way forward, and anybody with great ideals will win in this space

The block chain is the future. Why Steemit has changed social media, explained at Area 51.

I imagine after the presentation/speech you probably talked with some of the Google staff... are they investing/using cryptocurrency?

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