BLOCK-CHAINS | A Conspiracy Writing Contest IV (100 STEEM in prizes)

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Technology is a double-edged sword.

It works for us and against us.

It increases communication and also isolation.

It saves us time. It wastes our time.

It brings us together. It rips us apart

This is true of the Blockchain, which has the potential to provide
people with unparalleled freedom or facilitate humanity's total enslavement.

In recent weeks, I've noticed people becoming aware of the possible dangers blockchain technology could pose and how it could be used as a tool of subjugation.

There are already signs that that banksters and power elite are executing plans to infiltrate, manipulate and subvert blockchain technologies.

Goldman Sachs backed Circle has just bought Poloniex and there are sure to be more major moves to infiltrate the cryptosphere, manipulate the markets, gain influence, flood the market with government backed cryptocurrencies, mimic decentralization and initiate deliberate attempts to crash the markets, all in an effort to regain complete control of the financial sector and world economy.

Still, others openly speculate if cryptocurrencies themselves, and the promise of freedom that comes with them, are nothing more than a technological trojan horse planned in advance by the NWO and quietly introduced to usher in a world currency.

Perhaps, even a case of predictive programming as the Rothschild publication The Economist indicated 30 years ago.

2018 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony

It's time.

This is the fourth installment of the Conspiracy Creative Writing Contest and as always I eagerly await your submissions.


In the latest edition of the 'Conspiracy Creative Writing Contest', I would like to hear your visions of dystopia on the blockchain, how cryptocurrencies could be used to imprison humanity or ways in which blockchain technology could be exploited to the benefit of a select few and to the detriment of the many.


Must Resteem this Post

Must Keep the submission to 2000 words or less

Limited to one contest entry per account

Submissions must be made in an original post (not in comments)

Submissions have to include the lead tag "blockchains-contest"

Contest Ends - 7 days from this posting


Winning submissions will meet the rules criteria

Winners will be announced 9 days from the time of posting

Prizes and Categories

Overall Best (First Prize - 50)

Biggest Mindfuck (20)

Funny As Hell (20)

Best Style / Tone (10)

Best Line (10)

Bonus @v4vapid upvotes/resteems also in the mix
All Kinds of Entries are welcome
Just be sure to include some conspiracy elements!

With each and every installment of this contest, the bar is raised and it becomes increasingly more difficult to choose winners amongst so many quality entries. At the same time, there are more and more entries every time so please be patient before the winners are announced.

This contest came about through conversations with fellow steemians @tarazkp and @son-of-satire. I'd like to thank them for giving me both inspiration for the contest and for their writings on the subject which I also greatly enjoyed.

A hole in the blockchain steemconnect please take the time it is important

Blockchained an original short story

Past Winners

The Ultimate Psy-Op @rhondak
Postcards from Rio

Welcome to Antarctica - @jordan.lesich
Dance into the Devine

What Happened to Malaysia Flight 370? - @pulpworx
Flight of the Wrong Chords

images: - the event chronicle - -




Another corker of a contest buddy.

I used to write mostly fiction but now only bother for your contests buddy.

I’m looking forward to seeing the entries in this one. It’s interesting how the dirtbags that control the current economic paradigm are leeching their way into the blockchain space, maybe they’ve been there the whole time.

You’re gonna have a lot of work to do V, I reckon a lot of folks are gonna have a go at this one.

I’m in dude, resteemed.

wow. Every picture in this post has it's own importance and are very good in it's own places.

Many of mankind's greatest technologies started as tools of liberation, only to be bastardized by one elite social order or another to subjugate the masses.

The printing press once liberated our minds from the dogma of the middle ages, now we have mass media. Capitalism, banks, and the merchant classes once helped remove Western Civilization out from under thumb of the Church and Monarchs, now we have a corporate ruling class and banking cartels that buy and sell our leaders like used cars.

I've always been skeptical over the claim that blockchain is inherently good. Every tool of liberation can sew the seeds of oppression. Tech is tech, it's all in how we use it.

Fiction and cautionary tales allow us to look into the future and anticipate the traps and devices before they use it on us. Think Orwell. Think Huxley. I wish I had the time to commit to this contest, as I think it's the most important conversation to be had here on steemit.

My sincere thanks to @v4vapid for bringing this to the forefront. And to all the contestants, best of luck.

I think I should have asked you to write my intro, well said!

Hey, how very different. And interesting. Legitimately. More of this to Steemit.

I made a promise to myself to only work on my on-going project for now and pay less attention to Steemit, but this got my wheels turning.

I have nothing substantial right now, but I may try something out if I came up with a good enough premise.

I got something for ya Bruv ; )

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 12.43.50 PM.png

I appreciate the sentiment, and I understand your motives for "taking an extended break from this shithole" I'm also dismayed when I see the trending page when I know that there are really talented people here that deserve much more attention and who's work we can be proud of.

I'm glad this contest resonates with you as I was hoping it would with every writer/aspiring writer out there!

As with every one of these contests, my hope is to bring out the best in the Steemit community and provide a platform for up and coming writers.

Aha, very cool. My entry in your previous contest dealt with government control of crypto.'s time for a sequel :)

Adding mine here. Thank you for the contest and writing opportunity @v4vapid!

Nothing is Free

Yes! That was an excellent piece by the way... definitely an inspiration for the contest as well.

I think people should have another look at 'constructing the invisible' -

damn good story!

Thank you for remembering it and digging up the link. There were some great stories that came out of that competition; I expect quite a few submissions for this fourth contest. Hope you're well stocked in your vice of choice and can set a few days aside for reading :)

Oh man, yeah there's a LOT of reading already... i imagine there will be a ton of last minute entries as well... i have to start taking notes to remember what's what!

Anyways, I hope you find the time to make an entry this time around too :)

I will definitely be entering; I'm in the midst of revisions right now :)

Over on The Writers Block, some of the folks that run contests will make a spreadsheet with links of all the contest entries to keep them all in one place, then you can add your notes/thoughts to each entry in another column, mark which ones were 'funny as hell' or 'best tone' etc to match your prize categories. Then you can separate all those 'good' ones out as contenders as you go along so you can choose from them in your final pass through to select your winners.

Once you start getting dozens of entries it's hard to remember the first story you read once you get to your 50th, I'd imagine, so a spreadsheet to keep track does help.

Maybe you already do something similar anyway though :)

But what if this contest is a way to trick us into revealing what we know and suspect them of doing now, and giving them ideas to steal and ways to hide their plans within schemes to further conceal their movements as they entrap those of us who know too much?


Bring it all down, bring it all down!

Thank you for the mention @v4vapid, it is appreciated.

These contests are a great way to get people thinking about other sides of life, counter-points to their held beliefs so thank you for incentivizing wider thought.

Here is my entry:

Damn you work fast! I wish I was able to put together pieces a often as you do.

And yeah, thanks to you as well for planting the seeds to others as well. Obviously, none of us would be here if we didn't believe in crypto and the blockchain but it doesn''t mean that it's infallible. There are all kinds of things happening in the space as we speak, for good, evil and greed.

If there is work to do on something, why wait? I spent enough of my life procrastinating and getting nowhere.

I am not very technically capable but there is a lot of opportunity and value to come and I am hoping it is able to break the status quo. However, this also comes with risks and to ignore the negative is to be surprised when our repetitive actions lead us there. Greed is the major one as for the most part, our actions have been trained in a society dominated by it so to have different, the learned habits need to change.

I would rather not share my most brilliant ideas for world domination that I couldn’t never bring myself to use! They’ve probably thought of them already but just in case, I’d rather not egg them on!

I do love that not everyone is blindly all over blockchain like it’s the messiah. It could solve all our problems, but only if we change a whole lot about how we interact with each other and function as a society. That’s why I am here, to work towards that.

This contest is still probably a good idea as long as none of the ideas are too smart and reach those who could abuse them, it’ll wake some more people up to the potential danger soon of the blockchain. And not surprised to see @son-of-satire involved in this kind of thing :-).

just take the second best idea ;)

I would rather not share my most brilliant ideas for world domination that I couldn’t never bring myself to use!

DM me ;)

The last time I wrote fiction was for your previous looks like you may be tempting me to write once more

Not sure If I have done this right, but thought I'd give it a stab..

Here is my entry:

Great idea man! Can't wait to see the entries. More people need to be talking about this shadow potential of the tech!

Cheers man, yeah i think it's a subject that should be on people's radars on top of being a fun writing prompt for a contest ;)

Looks like an intruiging question, one that will require some deep thought! Im in!

Shit, Looks like I may just hit pause on my other work to enter the ring once again.

Another great contest idea @v4vapid

Cheers @venomnymous, would love to get a submission from you!

My entry for the contest.

I cannot come up with an expert opinion on blockchain technology as such, but the idea of having people rewarded for their online activity, whether for blogging, gaming or even watching porn, sounds a bit too good to be true. So it might be a trap.
Here's my story and thanks for hosting another contest!

Thank you for your submission, I thoroughly enjoyed it. An excellent entry :)

Good stuff. Good luck everybody.

Count me in; get ready for a mix between 1984 and and the Rothschild reign. The colossal coin cover up

arghhh, just saw this a day too late.
I was already planning to post on this very topic, so even if outside of contest I might post to the relevant tag in the days ahead.
Regarding the Economist cover it is debated whether the original from 30 years did really have the 2018 prediction or whether it is was photoshopped in:
Kevinwong uses that inconsistency to then unleash an attack on "conspiracy theorists" (I think he's a mason), but on that particular 2018 detail he has a point.
Regardless, I think we are indeed in the period where such a world currency and NWO could emerge, and the Phoenix arising from the ashes at the Olympics is another reminder for those who have eyes to see.

The Economist cover is now 100% confirmed as genuine. And it's not only the cover but also the article which tells us to expect the Phoenix for 2018. Though the alternative to the Phoenix is even more terrifyng...

can't wait to read the entries to this!

Conspiracy Contest is back!!! You have no idea how long my friends and I have been waiting for this. Ever since the tin-foil raps. I enjoyed that so much, btw. I've been telling my friends that just joined, chill, v4vapid contest is coming! Glad to see it's back!

I am going to really enjoy this one. Though with so many ideas, I am not even sure which way to go with this.

Thanks for having the balls to do this.

For sure, there are a lot of different ways to go with this and I'm wondering where people will end up taking this ;)

Oh snap! Another fun conspiracy competition! :) You are awesome!

Hello there! I've taken a slightly different twist with competition. All the best to all competitors: it is a true challenge and that is what we look for.

I am SO excited about this! As an aspriing film maker/writer, passionate about all things futuristic and dystopian, I recently made a short film of a very similar nature based loosely on influences of crypto. I might expand on this as my entry :D

Thank you for the opportunity @v4vapid and I hope this one is a little different for you to read:

Here's my entry, bro. Cheers.

Super interesting style of contest. I've been curious what creative minds think of the implications of blockchain, and thoroughly support the exploration of these ideas. The point about the Olympics essentially raises the question of what can symbols be encoded with? For instance, a triangle means so many things to different people, so one organization using it as a symbol doesn't necessarily mean that triangles are solely representative of their motives. I would say the same might hold true of the phoenix/thunder bird archetype symbol. But, it is an interesting point to speculate about ;) I'll see if I can make some time to write an entry for this, and I'll be following along for future creative writing contests as well.

Just finished my entry, its riddled with conspiracy, with you like it ;)

Thank you @jasonshick! A nightmarish tale from my POV to say the least...well done!

It was fun. Creative writing isn’t my strong suit but it’s good to bust out the imagination once in a while. Cheers for another solid contest

Wow. That got me thinking.
I took on the challenge to write. Though I bent the rules.

It may disqualify me but as it already came out, I had to commit to it.
Great Thanks!

Here is my entry:

I happened to bump into arnikekirsten and bex in TWB when they informed me about this. This is the fastest fictional I have written all my life...haha
but it was fun though

This was a blast to write! Haven't written anything like this before, but I'm happy how it turned out. Always fun with a challenge. Here's my entry:

Here is my entry bud.

It is my first fiction of that type, I have made several short stories but using short dialogues like my a day in the future series, so it was a new experience for me to write something like this haha.

Let me know what you think about it.


This contest really opens up the mind to work in a different way than usual and it's exciting for me to have my imagination drift free for once in a while.

Thank you for making this. Here's my entry

Good luck with the entries. There's quite a few and some great stories from what I've read so far.

Now I add to that pile...

Here's my submission: The Hash.

Hey my friend .. brilliant idea and one that's inspired me to stop the post I was writing and enter your competition. I hope you find it a worthy addition:

Great idea @v4vapid

This is such an unexpected surprise! Knowing the quality of your body of work on steemit, I'm really looking forward to reading this entry. Super stoked you put something together!

Thank you my friend .. I hope you enjoy my entry.

Wow, almost missed this one... I'm too much of a mushroom, I guess. Thanks to @negativer's re-steem, I found it.

I'll have to hustle to try and make the deadline! :D



Ok, I hope I'm still on time for this one! Because I've spent quite some hours on it... I have written quite some short stories before, but this one was trying to get out of hand. Fortunately I managed to keep it within the 2000 words... but only just. Let's see if these characters that have a story to tell will be featured in more stories to come...

Anyway, thank you for the inspiration v4vapid! Much appreciated. I hope you like The Block Inc. as much as I enjoyed writing it.
the block inc..jpg

This was a fun challenge. I managed to get a post up, so I hope I'm in the running, but really, something about the subject matter resonated with me, and that's really why I wrote.


Edit: whoops! forgot to link the post:

Also, I didn't realize how many entries this would draw. I reckon that's a good thing, as it shows lotsa folks are giving this thought.

Right on! So glad you found the time to get in an entry, I'll add it to my weekend reading cue ;) I'm really happy with the turnout for the contest.
A lot of work just to go through them all but I think there's already some really great stories and excellent concepts threaded through this collection.

Cheers man, I was really hoping the topic would resonate because I think it's important to help create a vision of future possibilities of blockchain tech so we can be ready for what may come down the road.

It's really vital to consider how things can go wrong, as being blindsided by unexpected twists can suck the joy out of things.

I think that's what resonated with me most, the interest in brainstorming what can go wrong.


TBH, I don't know much about the blockchain technology but I do think that it's a possible platform for some huge conspiracy. Here's my take on it:

Blockchain Tech Is Powering The Next Nuclear Bomb

Quite new for me to know there is a contest for writing !

great contest, but 2000 words in english like difficult for me..

Btw nice share, blockchain become adopt by world, no barrier anymore for every single angles of the world.

This is a great opportunity to get my creativity rolling!

Just a question, when we finish the post, do we need to leave the link in here? Or you are going to check them searching the tag?

I check both, but if you want to be certain, leave a link here in the comments. Good Luck!

I want to thank you for what you do. It's guys like you that help us that know what's going on stay focused.

I appreciate this contest, it'll help maybe some people who wouldn't consider the reality of our world consider it. And maybe even wake up a few folks.

You are a truly the kind of people we need on Steemit. I'm a simple carpenter so I don't think my writing skills would be worthy of this contest. But surely I will read the contestants submissions.

Highly rEsteemed!

Once again,
My WHOLE account is a submission ; )

But my recent post is a Prequel...

I'm starting a new Series called,


I'll include these tags in my next DROP...

blockchains-contest conspiracy writing contest dystopia

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 8.26.05 AM.png

Sorry I came in a little bit late, I have been busy with my MOOC9 online class (Introduction to Digital Currencies) from the university of Nicosia.....Here is my entry post, I hope you will like it:

I'm actually going to really look forward to reading the submissions for this.... there is definitely something substantial to this discussion....

1 unfucker badge tiny.jpg

I've never written anything like thise before but my mind is already racing with ideas! Thank you for hosting this contest, I'm looking forward to it.

Should a person take participate in this type of contest who has been ruined by the hodgepodge of crypto's world....

Time to channel my inner Orwell, Dick, and Huxley! This seems like a fun competition and I'm looking forward to channeling some creative juices on the blockchain for a few days.

great idea looking forward for entries

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Please check the March 4 post to see your photo. #randomartofkindness


I have written an article about this topic before, I would also like to participate in the contest ... :)

It's good to think about this stuff...but also can be damaging to self and community. I might go for it.

Can 't wait to read the entries it!

lets start writing writers!

Sounds very interesting :):):)


Hmmm... let’s see all the creative minds at work.... I am pooping while writing this... seriously. 🤮🤢

oh count me in.

It's interesting to read all other entries. But some of them only explains what is blockchain without any mention of a conspiracy in it. But others are highly innovative. Thanks @v4vapid for making them write such an interesting stuff through this contest.

Here is mine:

Thanks for hosting this, I'm sat here desparateley formulating ideas because this seems like it'd be highly entertaining to write.

I've written a couple of funny things and I've done a conspiracy here on steemit.. maybe I'll try to combine the two..

Hello @v4vapid. I really enjoyed the contest and appreciate your time toward reading my views and upvoting my post about blockchain being positive effect for some to the detrument of the many others.


Imma make sure to bookmark this one.

I am so going to participate in this contest I love conspiracies and all that shit xD

Hello, @v4vapid...

I hope I've gotten this in "under the wire."
It was a really close thing. ;)

"Bilderbux" by Duncan Cary Palmer

I hope you find it entertaining. ;)



You made it! There are a few more last minute entries too, i have a busy weekend ahead ;)

Sweet! Thanks for confirming. ;)

Enjoy your weekend! :D

hello @v4vapid sir i like this contest thanks for this change sir i appreciate this blockchains-contest
here is my entry :

My article entered, hope managed to keep within the rules (shouldnt be hard, but you never know) Interesting topic though. (this is my first participation in a contest like this)

Now this is my kind of contest. Unfortunately, I noticed it too late and won’t have time to write it. I’ve actually been trying to think up a good sci-fi conspiracy story based on crypto currency and other technologies cropping up now. If I have a sudden inspiration from my paranoid juices, I’ll send it your way! If not I’ll keep my eyes out for the next one

I think am in for this, let me try my luck with blockchain.

some of good job ever I seen.....
Thank you for this post.....


it's really interesting sir...👍

@v4vapid hasn't been knighted so I need to call him sir. I'll take a punt & say that I don't think he'd accept a knighthood from the parasitic evil Queen Elizabeth anyway.

I agree with you though. 'It' really is interesting. Two letters that form a word & an acronym (Information Technology).

Good word choice ;-)

Yippy yippy, @v4vapid is back, am so happy to see you again, welcome back man... Looking forward to winning your contest

What a writing prompt. I think I spent most of the day think and researching the various angles for how the blockchain can enslave, and finally have an idea. Definitely entering. I will admit, the prizes are so tempting, but the idea is just as much. Thanks for hosting this!

Saweet! I missed the last one, was too busy dodging life. Glad to have caught this post. Fingers are already jittery on the keyboard!

As always, dope contest and topic Mr. V

Wow, i didn't know there was such a thing as a conspiracy contest. Oh I am liking Steemit one day at a time!

Not sure if I can come up with something based on the topic so maybe I will see what the next one will be. :)

good post, and you deserve the dream you want, and I will follow you,
sorry, I'm new in steemit, will you help to improve my ranking? thank you

This is definitely something I'll be going to be thinking about. All types of entries allowed... I'm already feeling for the judge(s) who will have to decide this in the end... To Be Continued!

@moneyinfant has added your contest to the list Steemit Writing Contests: Issue #37. The list is updated on a daily basis and your contest will remain on the list until its expiration - there's nothing you need to do.

The list was created to save writers the excessive amount of time spent searching through the #contest tag for writing contests. Now they can just come to the list each day, see new contests and use their time doing what they love - writing.

If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest List I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

This very useful may be its work

What a great and timely contest. Interesting connection regarding Rothschilds and World currency. Resteeming🐓

Hello @v4vapid, I've already submitted a piece for the contest, I've been cooking up another short story and it's rather applicable to the contest, would it be OK for me to make a second submission?

Hi @sisygoboom, sorry the contest is officially closed. It wouldn't be fair to allow for changes after the deadline, I hope you understand. Thanks for your entry!

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