Blockchain Music Contest Round 1 Update!

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Blockchain Music Contest Round 1 Update!

2.5 More Days To Enter And Earn Points!

For the 1st round, the theme is "Creepy, Dark & Scary" LOL. You can produce your song in any genre, whether it be Rap, DnB, Ambient... what ever does it for you! We have 3 entries into the contest thus far and are looking for more. :-)

There is still time to get your entries in. You will have until November 9th 2018 at 11:59 PM EST to submit!

After which the judging begins... thanks to these two beautiful souls: @d-vine, @jeffleinwand!


The prize pool for each round is as follows:

FIRST PLACE WINNER: 10 SBD + 10 Whalecoin + 40 Points
SECOND PLACE WINNER: 5 SBD + 5 Whalecoin + 32 Points
THIRD PLACE WINNER: 3 SBD + 3 Whalecoin + 26 Points
FOURTH PLACE WINNER: 2 SBD + 2 Whalecoin + 20 Points

The Rules:
  1. Your song can be of any genre.
  2. Must be your song! If you are collaborating with someone we need to know.
  3. Make a post about your song/entry.
  4. Add a link to your post in the contest room - blockchain-music-contest!
  5. Your entry must be posted within the Ten (10) day time period.

Round 1 Entries

Entry One: @bushradio - Herz der Nacht

DSound Link:

Entry Two: @krazypoet - Fear Factory Farms

DSound Link:

Entry Three: @yamaagni - Merry Go Round

DSound Link:

Show your support for these Artists, and their creations!

Live Contest Show!

Join us today at 9pm utc on the SMA Discord Server, where we will discuss entries and play them for the audience. We are looking forward to you joining us for the show!

Contest Sponsors

Please take a moment to vote for our Witness Sponsors: @enginewitty, @guiltyparties, and @prc who are supporting the contest and the SMA. Click the banner images and show your support!

Good Luck To All Who Enter
Looking Forward To Hearing Some Awesome Entries!


Hey guys, can I enter this competition with a Dtube post?

Also, to be in the contest we just need to do the post and add the blockchainmusic tag to the post?

thanks, and apologies if i seem dim

Hi :-) NP, yeah make a post and use the tag. However, please also upload to DSound, SC or Choon in case we play your song on the show on Wed. Thanks, looking forward to your entry.

Was already upvoted, but changed my vote to 100%. I am vindicated.