How Many Blockchain Games Are You Playing?

One of the best use cases for blockchains out there is certainly gaming. The amount of new people crypto games can onboard is endless, if any particular crypto community can tap into that potential will be the winner. It is still early to say it is efficient and user friendly to use blockchains these days, there are still ways to go to improve in that particular area.

Lately I can only say that Steem works great. Ethereum and EOS are definitely struggling in terms of transaction fees or congested networks, they are far from ready for massive mainstream audiences. There are however some decent games that are worth playing even though their blockchain of choice is having issues.

I'm very bullish on blockchains where good games are coming out, specially on blockchains where you can already start earning crypto while playing games. I used to be a regular hardcore gamer, now I'm also a blockchain gamer and lately blockchain games are definitely more interesting to me.

True ownerships of items and the freedom to sell or hold those items will be a paradigm shift for many gamers still not introduced to blockchains. Also, don't be any type of maximalist, diversify in many coins and games. Without further ado here are my favorite blockchain games, let's start with PC ones.

Splinterlands - Steem

For me personally Splinterlands is hands down the best blockchain game available today. This game made Steem sticky and it allowed Steem Engine to exist. If you own some cards you can earn regularly and depending how much you invested it can be more profitable to play Splinterlands than post on Steem these days. If you can do both that is great, you're officially crypto awesome.


NextColony - Steem

NexColony is still a very young game testing it's potential in the middle of crypto bear market winter. It is a space exploration and empire building browser based game where you can trade everything from ships to blueprints for Stardust, Stardust is basically like Dark Energy Crystals from Splinterlands (still not tradable on Steem Engine, devs say it will be). If you're one of the best players (with deep deep pockets) you can earn Steem for your amazing skills if you upgrade and hold your Yamato starship/base. I think this game will go places once the markets turn around and once the devs iterate on the reward system more allowing everyone to earn.


DrugWars - Steem

What can you say about Drug Wars that hasn't been said before.. this game was once a buzzword number 1 on Steem, almost every steemian played this. Unfortunately many bad design choices brought this game to it's knees, I'm still optimistic though, all this can be fixed and improved upon. Lately I play Drug Wars very little for one main reason, you still can't protect your troops. I've been wiped out so many times it is hard to come back, once they implement any type of protection for your troops I might come back full time.


Forgotten Artifacts - Enjin

Fortgotten Artifacts is my favorite game on Enjin for two reasons. Game is an ARPG and there are literally hundreds of different items tradable on Enjin marketplace that you can farm ingame, just today I sold 50 items, and that netted me 20$ of value in Enjin coin. Today was also a big patch day that improved the game big time, I will have to write a big post detailing everything. This is not any type of Diablo or Path of Exile killer though, it's just the first ever ARPG on blockchain. You be the judge if that is worth your time.


Space Misfits - Enjin

Space Misfits is looking pretty good considering how early access the game is, this is a Space Combat game and third person shooter, it's using retro style of graphics and awesome synthwave soundtrack. During it's first live event while playing this I found several very rare items, those drops are literally as rare as Splinterlands Gold cards. Just imagine playing good old Freelancer crypto style and having real money drops ingame. The game right now is not live but it will soon be, expect a lot of talk once it goes live. This game is fun!


Gods Unchained - Ethereum

Gods Unchained became quite popular very quickly among crypto people, definitely among Steem people, mainly because of the big incentives ocd vote provides. It is a fun Hearthstone clone, but mainly it's best selling points are blockchain tradable cards. I don't play this as much as other games on this list because I'm very much Hearthstone jaded. Regardless of my state this game is very much playable and fun to play. It is up to you if you want to invest and buy some rare cards to increase you chances in ranked play.


Mobile Blockchain Games

Next segment is reserved for mobile games (don't you guys have phones?). I used to be a big anti mobile phone games advocat, but blockchan gaming turned all that into something quite different. This is the power of blockchain, you can implement it on any kind of platform and make any game more interesting to play once you include real money. EOS Itam Games store is leading in this area with 5 playable games atm.

Forest Knight - Enjin

I wrote my impressions about this game few days ago. I'm still playing it considering how early access the game is. It has that draw of account building and RPG progression, outside of that it is a turn based strategy game where you can farm blockchain items and trade them on Enjin marketplace.


EOS Knights - EOS

EOS Kinghts before Eidos fiasco used to be one of the largest transaction operators on EOS. That shows how many players got hooked on this basic idle mobile game where blockchain items with real value started to drop. There used to be many different tournaments where you could win EOS, during slow days you could trade materials and items on ingame markets, all for EOS, and it was addicting and fun. Nowadays because of EOS issues there is hardly any volume going on, but with time the issues will be resolved.


Dark Town - EOS

Dark Town is an RPG on EOS blockchain. It is actually quite deep considering it is a mobile game, you can also find legendary NFT items that are tradeable on Itam shop client. In it's early days I used to make few EOS while playing this, now not so much, but it is still a fun game with a potential to earn some EOS. This game can be played once you install Itam Games shop on your smartphones.


Crypto Fishing - EOS

Crypto Fishing is a weird one from Itam games, this is not your typical crypto game. Here you travel all over the world and fish for rare fish, you can buy different fishing gear with better stats to help you fish in harder seas, you can sell the fish or grow it in your aquarium. Itam store organized an event where 250 EOS were handed to the players who caught SSS grade fish (the rarest kind). There will be a 2nd 250 EOS event so stay tuned.


These are just my choices and this list can change literally today. What about you, what crypto games are you playing and do you still think crypto gaming is the next big thing for crypto? You can clearly see my stance :)


Just SM and Gods Unchained for me atm.

I have a bunch of non-crypto games I’m playing that I’d like to finish out before the year ends.

I’ll have to check out Forgotten Artifacts at some point. I do love ARPGs.

I very much like what is happening on Enjin, trading is getting more volume, not quite in terms of Splinterlands volume but it is getting there.

I think you will like Forgotten Artifacts, even in early access you can see improvements on monthly basis. This latest one turned the game upside down with town quests, new items and crafting.

Solid list. Appreciate it. You on Prospectors at all? I've sort of gone quiet. Brilliant game, but CPU limits (not enough staked EOS) and Captcha have taken some of the joy out of it for me.
I've parked a few hundred PGL in their staking pool, making 3%/month passive.
Otherwise, I'm all Splinterlands :)

Never tried Prospectors even though I wanted to play it, deal breaker for me was the lack of support for EOS wallet I use. That is a huge problem imo, if you can't use one wallet for every game on EOS you will have a lot of dissatisfied people. But I'm sure I will get inside one day.

Splinterlands is killing it, I just wish more people know about this game and what Steem can do for them, if Gods Unchained joined here imagine where Steem would be.

Makes you wonder if the support they've been getting is because they built on Ethereum.
Yaba looked at his options and found STEEM that way; because its the best chain on which to build games.
Still, there's heaps of room in the marketplace for hundreds of blockchain games, and dozens of blockchain TCGs.
I think the blockchain purists will be drawn to Splinterlands over GU, since everything is on chain here.

Also Splinterlands is not a Hearthstone clone. Huge advantage there. But at the end of the day I would like to see both games win big time, their wins might bring back people who lost faith in blockchains because of their price volatility.

Im also playing KuCoinPlay, its a crypto gaming platform too where you can earn cryptos without betting or putting some of your assets. It has tasks where you can complete so you can earn points, mini-games that you can play, Lucky draw where you can bet the points that you earned and earn more points when you win. Its actually an easy gaming platform that you can play.

Interesting take, but is it fun? Gaming should be fun.

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Santa Claus was up for me in a random spot in Town in Forgotten Artifacts atm.

Cool you joined the game. I've also found Santa, he was in front of hardest dungeon entrance :) It seems he will spawn few more times, don't know where, don't know when.