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Do you know what are the biggest challenges faced by the gaming industry? Check out the 3 points listed below.

  1. Game development - Developing game software is not straightforward as it needs to comply with the rules and regulations set by the government. It is not like developing an Android or iOS app and listing it on the play store or app store. For reputed or large developers, it may be easier as they will have their own development team and all the necessary tools, or they might have collaboration with the top casinos. So, software development is not a problem for large developers, but for newbies and small developers, software development is not easy as they may not have sufficient funds to build an infrastructure or to get the right kind of tools.

  2. Legal issues - As Casino gambling is legalized in many states of the U.S., monitorization must be active to ensure that the gaming software is fully compliant with the laws and regulations set by the government.

  3. Testing games - How can a developer get the feedback of a game before its actual release? They cannot simply release a trial or demo version of the game as it will be too expensive to market or advertise the software without studying the market trend.

Joy Gaming Ltd is developing a one-stop solution to meet all the needs of the gaming industry. It aims to provide benefits not only to the casinos but also to the game developers and the users/players. To achieve its mission, the company is introducing a new token called JoyToken. How will JoyToken be beneficial to someone in the gaming industry and what kind of improvements will it do to the existing gaming industry? Check out the points listed below.

  1. Small developers can get access to the fully integrated game development and hosting environment provided by the company by using JoyTokens.

  2. Joy Gaming platform will take care of all the legal regulations to make sure that your software is fully compliant with the gaming standard set by the government.

  3. Developers don't need to worry about testing their software as they will get instant access to the casino site named PlayCosmo casino. It is a licensed casino in the UK owned by Joy Gaming Ltd, so the developers can get real feedback on their software from the regular players. This kind of feedback will help the developers fix any issues in the software before it's actual release.

For more information about the interesting features of the platform, please visit or get connected with JoyToken's community on Telegram and Bitcointalk ANN and Bounty threads.

To make use of all the above-mentioned features, you need to hold JoyTokens which is the only way to get access to the platform.

What is JoyToken? JoyToken is a utility token based on the Ethereum standard ERC20. It will be sold by the company during the token sale event. It can be bought with cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC or by using FIAT currency like USD. For more information about the sale terms, pricing, and availability of the tokens, please visit


Sounds like a good idea. Hopefully this will help the small/indie developers to create better games. Who knows some gems might came out from this. On second note how will this affect the prices of games? Thanks for the informative post.

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Thanks for sharing

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This will lead to a better gaming industry based on luck, not on the software's tricks.

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Game developer should have a vision and not just skill and creativity. They should have the talent to make an illusion seem real in the real world so gamer like me would appreciate it.

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