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E-commerce is a rapidly gaining direction, which in a few years will exceed several trillion USD by turnover. Every day, millions of people around the world shop at online stores. In the Internet, becoming a store owner is much easier than doing it in real life. A large number of people attract the minimum cost of entering the business. Sometimes, all you need is to make a website on the designer and start advertising it among friends and acquaintances.

But despite the tremendous growth rates this segment has a number of problems that bring significant losses and force some people to completely abandon shopping on the Internet.

The network is becoming more scammers. There are no guarantees that the seller will be an honest man, you will transfer money to him and at the same time the site will not cease to function. Often, customers prefer to shop in online versions of large stores to exclude the possibility of fraud. Hence another problem arises - getting popularity and trust among buyers from small online stores or those who are just starting their way into e-commerce. In order to make the online trading segment as attractive to users as possible and safe for all market participants. The OmniTude team offers еру product, which should minimize the risks and the impact of the main problems on doing business.

Let's consider the main advantages:

  • companies willn't be able to write themselves fictitious reviews and wind up the rating, as leaving a comment is only possible after the transaction.
  • You can track the location of the purchased goods until the moment of arrival to the buyer
  • blockchain to ensure transparency of all conducted transactions
  • there is the possibility of obtaining personal identifiers
  • all personal information will be protected and will not fall into the hands of scammers

The stage of open sales is coming to an end. The team managed to collect about 27% of the amount they claimed. Fortunately, the Soft Cup is safely assembled. To become a participant in this ecosystem, everyone must purchase the internal currency of the ECOM project. Using it you can use all the functionality of the ecosystem. OmniTude will be able to announce on one platform not only sellers and buyers, but also logistics and transport companies. Joint work will create an effective tool for e-commerce around the world.


More information can be found on the official sources of the project:

Web Site

Author: zokilnmet


Great article!

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I've heard about this project recently, how is their crowdsale is going?

I've heard about this project, but don't remember. how is their crowdsale is going?

e-commerce blockchain platforms will force cryptocurrency to enter real sector of economy thus providing more stability to the crypto world

Много слышал об этом проекте, но сфера уж очень конкурентная на мой взгляд.

Soon you will be able to particlpate in revolution

a promising company, I will look at the project for investment

Safety is a must. I hope this project will perfectly wipe out scamming stuff out of e-commerce.