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Real estate today is one of the most effective forms of investment. Buying objects at the construction stage at the initial cost, the investor can multiply the capital by 2 or even 3 times in several years at the time of putting it into operation. If cars have big wear and lose 10-20% of the cost every year, and investing in young projects can be unsuccessful at all, then with real estate, everything is completely different. Over the years, the cost per square meter increases, and with it the opportunity to earn money also increases.

Why is buying a residential or commercial space is so attractive?

If we are considering individuals, then people are ready to take mortgages, just to become owners of their own housing. Nobody wants to give the third parties rent, but wants to be confident in the future, because such property can always be sold and get a certain amount of money for this. Some acquire living quarters for life, others for earnings. In large cities, you can find thousands of ads for the delivery of objects for short or long periods.

Large investors are interested in buying commercial real estate in order to obtain additional income from the delivery of facilities or reduce costs, if it is said about large organizations for which buying or building individual rooms is more profitable than renting.

But, no matter how attractive this segment of the market, he has a number of pitfalls, which sometimes can’t be overcome.

  • High barriers to entry to the market: the cost of facilities, especially commercial ones is tens and hundreds of millions of dollars
  • the acquisition of facilities is simplified only for residents of countries, buying a home abroad carries a number of difficulties at the legislative level, up to the need to register business activities in another country.

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The team of the Global REIT project aims to simplify the mechanism of investment in real estate and make this segment of the market accessible to more people.

Collective investment is a way of buying expensive real estate.

Now you can become the owner of square meters in one of the richest countries in the world, the UAE. We all heard about the Arab necks, incredible skyscrapers. By the way, a few years ago there was nothing in the desert, from which people are now delighted. It is the residents of the UAE who have the largest assets of the crypto currency.

Now investors can contribute various amounts in the purchase of real estate on the world market. This approach will be convenient not only for large companies, but also for private investors.
In the long term, the project should launch the sale of real estate in the US, and then throughout the world. The first investment asset, which will be presented on the platform is estimated at almost seventy-five million dollars.

The market is interesting, when everyone has a choice.

The project team will decide this task in the nearest future. It is important to present on the platform several price segments of real estate in order to attract as many users as possible. Experts suggest that in the coming years the project's capitalization will reach several billion USD.

Blockchain will ensure the security and transparency of transactions within the ecosystem. Each investor in real time can watch where his money is sent and what profits bring the purchased objects.

The main means of payment is the domestic currency of GRET. Holders of tokens will be able to receive a fixed percentage from leasing objects put into operation. The team ensures minimization of risks and prevents the loss of invested funds. To do this, a small percentage of the compensated amount is withheld.

Global REIT will unite on their platform, as a novice investors in the field of crypto currency, ready to move to a more fundamental type of asset, and eminent companies engaged in real estate sales. Thanks to modern technologies, the platform will bring to a new level the model of real estate trade in the world market and attract new investors who can actively develop this market in the nearest time and in the long term.


More information can be found on the official sources of the project:


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