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A few years ago the crypto currency was not so popular, and many were skeptical about it, but today the number of people involved in the world of digital currency is estimated at millions. And every hour the users becomes more and more.

When, almost 10 years ago, the world was exposed to bitcoin, it did not cause the involvement of traders. This is now most people know about "grandfather", because the whole world of crypto-currency is associated with it. And once this ancestor cost only a few cents. But how many different coins appeared during the formation of this market segment? None of you will likely be able to name the exact meaning. Such a surge of activity began after the emergence of the possibility of creating a personal currency standard ERC-20.


The turning year.

End of 2017 became significant for all participants in crypto currency world. Bitcoin was able to reach the cosmic magnitude and pull up the overwhelming number of tokens, including the "father" of all Altcoins, Ethereum. As you know, the more promising the direction, the more people want to get the benefit from it. Such a surge of activity has become a magnet for a large circle of people.

What is the most profitable in the crypto currency world?

Definitely, trading on the stock exchange. On YouTube you can see dozens of channels of successful traders who tell about the history of their success. As simple kids, they became rich and successful. Now the type of millionaires is a young man, carried away by his computer and who a couple of years ago collected the first "farm" and launched this mechanism of extracting money from the air.

Everyone can trade.

So the amateurs argue. Unfortunately, many still compare the trading on the stock exchange with gambling, and reason on the topic that traders have luck and this luck on their side. But this is fundamentally not the right judgment. Experienced traders devote a lot of time to studying the market, the algorithms of trade. And so they earn impressive amounts, and newcomers just spend their deposits.

Beginners always need help and advice from the eldest.

In this case, the older brother becomes the Countinghouse team, which offers its smart ecosystem, the main task of which is to simplify the processes of investing. The platform is based on mathematical algorithms, developed for each currency pair separately. This will significantly reduce the risks of losing deposits, and the process of making a decision on buying / selling goes into automatic mode.

How will stable profit and risks be reduced?

This issue worries every novice and experienced investor. Everyone wants to invest less, but earn more. Countinghouse team worked in detail on possible market situations and developed a certain functional within the ecosystem, which should not only preserve, but also increase investment funds.

  • God-Stops, at the moment when most of the positions from the investment portfolio went in a downward direction, all investor's deals are stopped and the chosen algorithm is adjusted.
  • Z-criterion, the decision to conduct a transaction when comparing the possible profit and the expected income.
  • R-factor, the profitability of the transaction is assessed, if the risks increase, the transaction is canceled.

It is important to note that forecasting is carried out only on the basis of market analysis, there are no advisors on the platform that affect algorithms. This eliminates the human factor and the ability to speculate the market for crypto currency.

The more clearly algorithmics work, the more stable will be the income of investors on the platform. I would like to warn all newcomers that this platform does not promise investors millions of dollars, it only guarantees a stable several hundred percent, which will get all involved in this ecosystem.

Everyone can without fear of joining this platform, since all personal information is stored under the protection of the blockchain, and personal funds are on their own accounts, which can be freely disposed of without any obligations. Such a project will definitely attract the attention of a large number of people.


More information can be found on the official sources of the project:


Author: zokilnmet


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The world of cryptocurrencies continues to expand at a very fast pace. Hand in hand with platforms such as CountigHouse, these new economic means will only grow and adapt appropriately to the demands of today's modern society.
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