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When did people decide that carrying a cargo in an iron container, along the water surface, would be one of the most convenient way of transportation? Despite the fact that the idea of ​​such technology appeared in the 19th century, its implementation took place in the middle of the 20th century, when for the first time the company "Seal Lend" transported sea containers on board the vessel and was able to quickly gain popularity. Naturally, the owners have become very famous and wealthy people, ensuring a comfortable old age.

Choice for quality.

Why did this type of cargo transportation has won the confidence of many large countries that gave them preference and almost refuse land and air transportation.
The iron container is a convenient container in which it is possible to place a bulky cargo and not be afraid that it will be spoiled. At the same time, the cost of transportation is reduced because of the lower fuel consumption and higher capacity, because up to four tiers of iron containers of different volumes can be moved on one vessel at the same time.

Was there progress after the 20th of century?

Despite all the merits of shipping, there are a number of key characteristics that have left this type of transportation at the same level of development as a few dozen years ago. Registration of containers and vessels, recording of important information on paper. Often there are losses due to the slightest errors in the port. And now the container is floating to the other end of the world.

Unfortunately, this sector is very segmented, the owners of containers do not enter the guild, because of what they lose large amounts of money for the simple and transportation of empty containers.

There is no systematization and unification.

Blockshipping team aims to reduce the impact of the main negative aspects of this direction. Their advantage is the choice of a narrow direction, they do not try to change the whole cargo transportation sector, they want to give maximum attention to sea transportations

What methods will they use to improve this area?

First, they apply the growing popularity of blockchain technology, which ensures transparency of ongoing transactions among participants in this market. At the same time, all processes will be automated, and the data will not be lost in the process of concluding smart contracts.

Secondly, all containers will be equipped with sensors to track their location. Participants will be able to find a location in real time, which reduces the case of cargo loss when moving between ports or on the ship itself.

Thirdly, you will know not only the location, but the location of your cargo inside the container, which will reduce the chances of scammers stealing part of the cargo or replace it.

All these decisions will have a positive impact on the entire sector and will significantly reduce the cost of using the container, which will further increase the interest in this kind of transportation.
The development team implements two internal currencies, each of which has value and is used for a specific task.

  • CPT

will be used to pay for all transactions within the ecosystem, namely, to make transactions between users and pay commission fees.

  • CCC

will be used for POS development.

A pleasant bonus for holders of domestic currency will be payment of interest for long-term storage, the size of the award will be determined by the proportion of the total amount currency. It's worth noting that only CCC is available at the open sales stage.

The project has an innovative status in this sector. With competent management and consistent activities, you can create a working mechanism, which will minimise the main problems and creates a single base not only for containers, but for owners and regular users by logistical means.

If the Blockshipping team can make seaports more technological and modern in the future, this kind of cargo transportation will undoubtedly be the most demanded.

More information can be found on the official sources of the project:


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this company is a breakthrough in the field of cargo delivery!

Интересный многообещающий проект с актуальным и востребованным продуктом. Думаю, что команда не должна подвести своих инвесторов.

This project includes a number of best things: great team, great product, great idea, great start! We need products and ideas! I'm sure the company will occupy a leading place in this world!

Достойный проект, который требует внимания потенциального инвестора!