Blockshipping - a new level of sea freight

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Transport is one of the fundamental factors in the formation of the economy of each state. Thanks to it, trade relations are established, and the level of the quality of trade is increasing all over the world. Starting in 2016, the international freight market is experiencing a downward trend of development, the main impact is the economic downturn in a number of countries. But, despite this, large states on the contrary only increase these indicators. Thus, China has reached the level of 8%, and the United States of America 2%.

At the moment, there are 4 options for import / export cargo: by air, by rail, by land, and by water.
If we consider these 4 directions, then the most economical is the sea and river type of transportation. Not in vain in ancient times this type of transport was popular with traders. Many people should know the ancient sea "Amber way". Its appearance contributed to the development of the economy and was able to encourage a large number of countries to develop shipping. So began the mass transportation of silk, spices, jewelry, furs. People were able to establish contacts with distant states, at that time, it was the only way to travel over long distances, since the planes were designed much later.

For today, sea transport occupies 60% of the total volume of cargo transportation.

Customers choose this type of transportation because:

  • consumption per unit of transported products is lower, due to lower fuel consumption
  • there are no restrictions on the dimensions of the cargo, can be completed in special containers that protect goods from external influences
  • fast unloading in ports

Despite the great popularity, there are many disadvantages that cause losses for all parties to the market, both for providers and for those who receive services. The Blockshipping project team proposes to improve this segment of the market, adding to it the blockchain technology, which will eliminate a number of basic problems.

But what are the problems if there only advantages?

  • containers can be lost during transportation, for example, instead of a single port, the lost time and waste will be sent to the completely different, as a result, the absence of a unified database for all containers involved in cargo transportation
  • the lack of communication between different freight carriers
  • often an inefficient load distribution into containers


Optimization through integration.

To form a single database, all owners will need to register their containers on the platform and place a chip inside the container, through which it will be possible to monitor its location in real time. Blockchain will create a relationship between all participants involved in the process of transporting goods. All data will be stored inside the ecosystem and can not be lost or stolen.

Now it will be possible not only to track the exact movement of cargo ships, but also to obtain complete information about the cargo being carried. No container will be lost, because the tracking processes are automated. Owners of containers will be able to use resources more efficiently because of the possibility of combining cargo and load sharing.

Blockshipping GSCP is a whole ecosystem that can create a decentralized network of sea and river cargo transportation and make it transparent and safe for all users involved. Such a project will raise this type of logistics to a new level and will attract even more interested countries to this type of transportation of goods.


More information can be found on the official sources of the project:


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