If You Can Blockchain There Is 166 Million Up For Grabs By Huobi

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First of all can we make blockchaining a word, the action of making a blockchain. If you are a dev and know how to work on a blockchain protocol Huobi has an opportunity to you. They are offering 30 million of their token which is worth over 160 million dollars to get talent to work on a decentralized system for me. This is out of my expertise but there are lots of talented people on here so check it out. Maybe one of the devs can do it and bring thet money here :p.

This system would also help run icos. This is big business as new companies start to run their own coins and could use a reputable site to help sell them. We might get this with steem when SMTs come out. You want to make it as easy as possible to make them for new companies to get on board. You also need n easy system of trade so we are not surrounded by too many coins.

Here is the link for more info:

If you get the job don't forget about your friend whatageek :p.



Thanks for the info. Though its good for lot of people to turn to crypto currencies but don't you think when we have too much coin the market will get crowded and they might lose value @whatageek ?

Yes and no. value will get spread out but I think a lot of them will go under.

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You have a minor typo in the following sentence:

Maybe one of the devs can do it and bring thet money here :p.
It should be they instead of thet.

Great News | Carry on | Best wishes for this.

Good Idea... Thanks for sharing like this things

Great idea, thank you for sharing it