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At one point, the Blockchain and Bitcoin became words that almost everyone has once heard. And with the awareness that it is easy to raise much money through the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), it became fashionable to create a blockchain. It is not easy to judge the goodness and the badness of various blockchain projects. This is because there are various perspectives.

Someone says that such challenges must continue to evolve. Others say that this indiscriminate projects will eventually bring disaster.

In order to be sustainable in essence, a structure that "performs certain functions and receives fair compensation" is needed. There are thousands of blockchains but how many blockchain projects are there that can provide a clear function and receive a fee for using?

The blockchain operates on several principles, including the economic part, the computer coding part, and the psychological part. So it is not easy to understand and analyze the blockchain deeply. But I think that the core principles that are necessary for sustainability are not difficult.

The blockchain provides the functionality and services that someone needs. People who use the functions and services pay for their use. And the profit is not monopolized by anyone but distributed through a blockchain.

Why is it sustainable? The answer is not difficult. No, it should not be difficult. It should not diminish its essence with all kinds of mass phrases and complex principles. Of course, even if it fails, the challenge to create something new must continue. But it is a pity that there is too much movement to only aim for the "blockchain project title" without a deep concern and a clear system for sustainability.

The blockchain is not a mirage. However, its core essence is being abused for getting the money. But there are teams that do their best to make the blockchain that makes use of the core of the blockchain and being sustainable. When these teams bring their output to the world, I think more people will see the reality of the blockchain. And I am very happy to see such results in this year.

I am eagerly anticipating that the blockchain will give more people the opportunity to participate and distribute more.


Awesome post, Thank You for sharing.
I think overtime, "blockchain" will become a household thing (similar to the internet or mobile apps). We're still at a very early stage. Its an exciting time!

Yes agreed that it is still very early in this space. Many projects are coming online that have good intentions but may not succeed because of their timing. In the early days of the internet, many great projects failed because they were ahead of their time. 10 years later many of these projects were reborn with much success. I expect similar results in the blockchain space.

Well said

Yes.. That age is coming

This is well Summarised. considering so many ICO s coming everyday.

Blockchain will be used for anything and everything!

Great post! i agree with what you've said. Blockchain is mostly used for the sake of getting money. But only if we could change how the people think and get it to the right track , It'll be a history.

Long life at the blockchain!

I Agree. Profit through a Blockchain is not monopolized and is distributed to more. Great post. Keep it up.
Upvoted And Followed :D

This ICOs poping up everyday really annoys me

Such a wonderful time to live with the advanced technology nowadays. We are about to come to the "decentralized era" where no one governing body controlling a given. There will always be major players in the field, but at least no one is manning solo the steering wheel.

Just my 0.01 cents of power.

Great post. Please read my biggest danger in crypto, would love your feedback -

I voting you :)

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