Vite Native Coins Vs. Vite ERC20 Tokens

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What’s the difference?

Many of our users have been asking questions about whether or not they can trade Vite tokens on exchange platforms that support ERC20.

This depends on what kind of Vite token you have. There are currently two types of Vite tokens.

If you have Vite native coins: these are labeled as “Vite” with a “Vite Coin” subtitle. You can obtain these coins when you participate in the daily Airdrop rewards, campaigns or the High Roller dApp game.

  • You cannot trade Vite native coins on an ERC20-supported exchange.
  • Once the ViteX DEX has launched, you will be able to trade Vite native coins. Please note that Vite native tokens cannot be converted to Vite ERC20 tokens.

If you have Vite ERC20 tokens: these are labeled as “Vite” with the “ERC20 Token” subtitle. If you are relatively new to Vite, chances are you do not have these tokens. The reason that Vite ERC20 tokens exist is because Vite was first founded, we issued Vite ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network. However, with the launch of the Vite TestNet in November 2018, we released a Vite wallet update with the option to migrate Vite ERC20 tokens to Vite native tokens at a 1:1 ratio.

  • You can trade Vite ERC20 tokens on an ERC20 supported exchange.
  • Once the ViteX MainNet is live (Q3 2019), we will begin converting all Vite ERC20 tokens to Vite native coins.



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this is a good project with a strong development team. they promise and do the work that is visible. there is a working product. fast blockchain. I believe in the team and the project.

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