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This post tells a part of the story behind the making this video for @idapio.


IDAP wants to want to deliver a state-of-the-art trading platform for the crypto trading space. It will bring wide range of traditional derivatives products like futures, options, swaps to the ecosystem of crypto asset market. Derivatives products reduce the volatility and allows traders to take bigger positions so it mostly used by institutions, professional traders and also large part of trading on Wall Street happens using derivative products.


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As for all the video I make a lot of time goes into the research and information gathering. Then I write the script, create my assets for the project. So was everything with this project video.

They style of the video is sort interesting combination of colours that matches the IDAP logo style. Also sort of unique to this project is the first video I actually used some of the camera movement because of enormous storyboard in the second part of the video. Here are some images from the storyboard.

Features of the IDAP platform

Derivative Instrument – fast trading interface for derivative Instruments where you can hedge & speculate outright futures, different spreads and American options.

Extended Product Offerings – trade different crypto pair combinations, perform perpetual swaps, crypto indices, participate in ICO venture fund and P2P lending

IDAP Matrix & Spreader – view and trade multiple futures contracts, exchange quoted and synthetic spreads

Institutional Grade Matching Engine – support for DMA, CLOB & RFQ scenarios. FIFO & Pro-rata matching algorithm, supports multiple conditional & implied orders.

Advanced OMS & SOR – OMS with FIX interface. Order routing to multiple exchanges, ECNs, third parties trading systems

Low Latency & High Availability – secure servers across multiple regions, active geo replication, guaranteed 99.99% uptime, FIX 4.2/4.4 protocol for HFTs

Security & Compliance – CCSS (Level 1) Cold wallet management, insured hot wallets, OWASP & EU GDPR compliant

Token Utility – zero trading fees for ICO contributors. Permanent 50% discount on trading fee if paid in tokens. Listing and management fees in tokens.

Customer Oriented – user friendly platform Interface, feedback driven product improvements, detailed FAQ and tutorials, 24×7 support

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