AIOS-One Account Multiple Platforms.


AIOS(All In One Social) is a modernized cash that will be utilized as a touch of and out of AIOS, an ensured and private decentralized social organization together and get-together building stage with joined business put for brands or things and what's more for the affiliations that individuals offer inside the gathering. 

At AIOS, they intend to fill this void through precisely building up a self reimbursing social stage, where anyone can choose until the end of time. By giving unmistakable standard cutoff demonstrates into the one straightforward utilize design, AIOS can be a one-stop-search for the whole modernized money industry. The stage other than joins a critical social UI that will be suited by a noteworthy shaped business focus that uses its close to coin, AIOS. 

What are AIOS coins? 

AIOS are the coins to be the bordering propelled money coin/token for AIOS plan. AIOS coins will be used all through the consolidated business focus to buy or offer things and endeavors. 

AIOS will in like way be utilized inside the united advance compose. Impressions, offers and snaps will be traded for AIOS. These notice will be showed up inside the client's news support, in the midst of records. The managed headway stage will engage little part endeavors and will be incredibly sensible prompting procedure than different choices open in the market. 

Coin Distribution:

Just 43.75% of all coins are accessible for buy amid the ICO. A 

most extreme of 1.25% of the aggregate supply of coins will be given to advance the item by means of abundance programs. The group will be holding 5% of the aggregate market top to be compensated to their representatives. The staying half will be as a compensate pool for the AIOS - Social stage. Reward pool will boost the commitment of clients. 


Now let's khow something about AIOS.

AIOS is an obliging party in setting of present day advancements that likewise laces crucial highlights of social affiliations, things or affiliations showing correspondingly, online business. The structure on a very basic level concentrates on confirmation and security of the clients. AIOS wants to target two essential markets: social and online business. The two markets are multibillion-dollar affiliations that are beginning at now controlled by clearing affiliations. 

AIOS, close to its coins, may need to make a decentralized pleasant affiliation met with a composed online business center and fundamentally more. 

At AIOS they utilize you to affect emerge substance and offer it among all the present stages to like Facebook, twitter, Youtube, Reddit and so forth and obtain from the change happening on the AIOS organize and in addition other mediums.Currently beta sort of AIOS is a work early as alpha tried inside the connection was compelling. The beta difference in AIOS will be released in DEC 2017. 

Account Types:

AIOS will offer records sort for both individual clients and affiliations. In the wake of joining, clients are incited to pick a record sort that best suits them.Business accounts incorporate bona fide highlights of online business and will be had with movements and offering of things or associations, while solitary records will best to manufacture social relationship for the common standard user.Users will be able to make both record sorts at whatever point. AIOS coins are the main unit of record on the AIOS blockchain. 

Some individual expecting to enter or leave the stage should buy AIOS.Once AIOS coins has been acquired, it can be changed over into either quality or can be held for the future trade for purchase over the stage. 

Secure Wallet:

AIOS account wallets will have the ability to hold and store AIOS coins. 


AIOS platform as explained is a rewarding community it has just too much to 

grab for the users and contributors.


They ensure that users have full control over both their data and accounts privacy. This is why they have created two very basic privacy settings within your account.

ICO countdown:

Team Members:

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