How to create a Superior Coin wallet and mine Superior Coin with MinerGate

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1. Download and uncompress your Mac or PC wallet "SuperiorCoinV1.0.0.0"


2. Go to the folder where you installed Superior Coin and run the program SuperiorCoin.exe


3. Select your language

4. Click "Create a new wallet"

5. Enter wallet name and copy the seed words and then click right

6. Enter wallet name again and paste the seed words and then click right

7. Enter and confirm wallet password and then click right


9. Superior Coin wallet will sync the blockchain

10. Superior Coin wallet is synced and ready to use


Send me your Superior Coin Wallet address and I will send you some coins to test the wallet is working correctly.


Mining Superior Coin with MinerGate

1. Signup for a MinerGate account and Download/Install the MinerGate app.

2. Run the MinerGate app and login with the e.mail and password you setup in Step 1.

3. Go to the OTHER POOLs section.

4. If OTHER POOLs section is not visible go to View section and enable "Show other pools" and it will appear.

5. Enter the pool settings into the fields the click "Add pool".

  • Pool name: Superior Coin Miner
  • Pool URL:
  • Pool login: Your Superior Coin Wallet Address

6. Click "Start mining".

7. You will see mining running with the Hash rate.

8. To check your mining pool stats go to and look up your Superior Coin wallet address. Note: You receive automatic payouts when you mine 1000 coins.


If you need any technical assistance check out the Superior Coin Slack. The are 2 channels you can post questions #superiorcoinwallet and #miningdiscussion. Also check Frequently Asked Questions About Superior Coin for more information.


Originally posted on Crowdify Club .


SuperiorCoin Mining Discussion For the latest news about superior coin you can find it here on the official SuperiorCoin ANN and Mining Discussion

Downloaded the mac software and it crashed on launching.

Awesome system and a lot of potential with Superior Coin being linked to a paying social media site. Crowdify Club growing with Superior Coin, love SteemIt and Crowdify, a brave new life. Thanks for the detailed description @sydesjokes

Well written! This will be good to set up the wallet and mine with GPUs too it looks like. Thanks for posting!

Post your wallet address when you have set it up.

Thanks for great explanation, now mining ;-)
Here my address for the test: 5Wjk1cV5WgkQHuRTpb3wdZY3RHSr8r7CTb4fF9NYNboeeM2XQwoYU84GYduXCQA9PET84AdUwtb4iQ4U5fBtu2YyPN8RjPz
I have tried to sent some SuperiorCoins from my Crowdify bank to my new Superior Wallet, but it looks like I can sent/received only BTC, and not SuperiorCoins. Thanks.

Sent you some Superior Coins to your local wallet. You will be able to send coins to your Crowdify bank when the coin goes live.

Thanks so much, got it. I have another question. Since +12 hours I am mining (from my PC) SuperiorCoin from my local wallet and also from MinerGate. I cannot see any credit coming (even small). I had tested mining with other cryptos in MinerGate, then I can see some even as "unconfirmed balance".

No worry Sydesjokes, I found some answers in ;-)
I have another questions:

  1. I am now mining SuperiorCoin from MinerGate and from my local Superior Wallet. Do I must to select one only, or I can mining from both? Thanks.
  2. I also downloaded CryptoNote Miner to set-up the CPUMiner with the proper parameters (pool host: and port: 5555) but "start mining" always failed!

same here man...its says Network error..retrying

That's an awesome post. Thank you very much for creating it. I'm going to share it.

going to share it great work and my Superior Coin address is


Thanks. I sent you some Superior Coins.

How to exchange superior coin for popular cryptos or FIAT money?

Thanks! I got it up and running! Here's my address...?5VZdkF1K8uxKScJZmKF1MMTtvyPVJaNRZR192ieTHaMw3By7Nun7upMUL1MgX7XhbRfifpe6faR8gAZsKQQxfKbARPEqW7V
Am i supposed to run both CPU and GPU mining at the same time, and are coins auto sent to the receive address?

hello sir, this is a very nice post even though i just happen to come across it accidentally.
i was wondering if you were still giving superior's my wallet ID 5Q9FHZ4x7MKAzXwK8EUJ1QXTeawVKf3YKQLhMx9zdDvbNPDcc9sEpqQ6ox1mUWq2WeJYESRhux1YM7HRWt2Y9R3DBrPv5jC

Thanks. A few things came up for me.

  1. The Mac software that you link to of which supplies the file:
    I don't know how to work with the files in this folder. Can you supply another post on setting the superior wallet up with these files for us Mac users?

  2. I tried using the Windows superior software on my two other older computers that had Windows XP and Windows 7 on them. I could not get the software to work. I'm thinking that it's because these are 32 Bit computers?
    I was however able to get it running on my Mac, with with Bootcamp drive, which has Windows 7 and is 64 bit.

  3. I could not see on the clowdify website a superiorcoin wallet address for me to add or remove the superiors? Will you be adding this later for people to access their superiorcoins?

My superiorcoin wallet address is:

Thank you

thanks for a great post:


Hi sydesjokes...i've installed MinerGate version v.6.8. on my laptop which is running on linux Ubuntu. Do yo know where i can find the download for SuperiorCoinV1.0.0.0 for linux to mine Superiorcoin? And is there a possibility to power up the Hash mining speed?

If you don't mind me asking, this downloads the blockchain and if so, how big is everything at the moment?

Yeah indeed a awesome system and all works fine,but what if i only mine like 500 coins will i get them or does it have to be a 1000...?

not able to download

Hi, Thank you for your post on setting up a superior coin wallet and mining, it was perfect, could you send me some coins to see if it works please my address is :

Its great to have someone with your knowledge available to share like this.

Kind regards