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Today to the scientist to implement the project need to be in some way an entrepreneur. Thousands of scientists live in the world with patents on their hands, which they cannot monetize on their own. There is a gap between science and the practical application of technology. And here is a brilliant idea for the USAT project team. To create a non-profit organization and invite scientists from all over the world to monetize their developments together, and the income from the implementation of projects to reinvest in the research activities of other ideas through the usat token. The participants of this platform position themselves as the emerging scientific collective mind of the planet, because all its participants have a common principle – all developed technologies should be aimed at the development of society. About ICO of this incredible project our review.


The idea of such an organization has existed for a long time, but there were not enough technologies that would allow to conduct the operational activities of many scientific and product projects without appropriate red tape. After all, each of them is a separate structure with its own Autonomous resources, and this requires the same approach to processes as in conventional commercial organizations. Because the external processes of the organization are also competitive and it is necessary to play by the rules of the external, yet, commercial world.


USAT Inc is a non-profit organization registered in Australia. The peculiarity of such forms of organizations as non-profit is that the profit can only go to the development of the organization, not the income of its members.

The motivation of the participants of the site will be expressed in the possession of USAT tokens, which they will receive for their activity. Tokens, in turn, are rising in price as revenue from the sale of products created on this platform will be reinvested in liquidity. Below is a diagram of the ecosystem.


Inventors will be able to place their ideas on the platform, going further stages of classical commercialization. First, ideas are analysed for novelty and uniqueness, and intellectual property for inventions is registered. Then there is the attraction of funds to test the idea, its demand in the market. Then there is the creation of a prototype and test tests by consumers. Then marketing and bringing the product to market.

Profits from the sale of products is returned in the form of dividends to the system and is distributed in the form of tokens within the system, according to smartcontract. Some of them are used to pay compensation to the participants of the project implementation process, some of them are reinvested in the implementation of new projects. And the created project continues to live its Autonomous life and bring income to the founders.

It turns out that this is a certain accelerator with investment, scientific, product, marketing and other necessary resources at the start. This is in contrast to the standard startup accelerators and business incubators.

The pilot project of the platform is a solar-wind farm. It converts the heat emitted by crypto-currency farms into electricity due to a certain phenomenon of solar wind. The resulting electricity is returned to the mining farm. The same way a large energy saving is obtained. At the same time, water is released during these reactions. Therefore, if you put such installations in the desert, you can get very cheap electricity for mining farms and landscaping deserts.


Project team

USAT Inc is an active Australian non-profit organization that uses blockchain technology to decentralize the intellectual property process. Thanks to its platform, USAT successfully protects, stores, finances, develops and commercializes intellectual property, behind which stand new technologies that benefit humanity. They are committed to protecting the rights and interests of innovators, helping them find a better way to market development.



  • Token name: USAT
  • Smartcontract: Ethereum ERC-20
  • Issue: 1 525 000 000
  • Soft cap: $2 843 000
  • Hard cap: $53 375 000
  • Price: 1 USAT = 0.0000705 ETH

The distribution of tokens is as follows:



The idea of combining scientific potential to bring new breakthrough technologies to the market existed long ago. And it becomes a reality thanks to the Blockchain technology. Who knows, maybe we are present at the birth of a new era of technology business.

Official sources of USAT project:



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All we have around is scientists. Such platforms are definitely needed

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Unusual and quite promising ico

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