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Debt Slavery Crisis

Odious Debt

Citizens are on the hook for debt they didn't agree to and debt that doesn't benefit them.
When governments borrow, citizens must pay!

  • Debt as money, debt monetization, fractional reserve banking...
  • Carbon Tax, FATCA, BEPS...
  • Austerity, Inflation, Slave-wages, Poverty,...
  • War, DARPA,...
  • Spy agencies, spycams, spyware, RFID, mass surveillance...
Austerity: governments are forced, by the bond market or other lenders, to a set of economic policies to control public sector debt. These often times harsh steps are taken to lower deficits and avoid a debt crisis.

Odious Debt

  • Money borrowed by one country and then misappropriated by national rulers.
  • Odious debt, also known as illegitimate debt, is the national debt incurred by a regime for purposes that do not serve the best interests of the people and should not be enforceable.

Do a internet search for the acronyms and terms above and see the 21st century debt and institutional crisis threatening humanity.

Look at the taxes you pay, consider the country where you live.
Greece, Venezuela, Brazil, and Puerto Rico may be in the headlines today, but most governments are also facing the global debt crisis.

It's Not An Accident, It's Policy

What's in Italy's austerity package?

Greek parliament pushes through measures - Anti-austerity campaigners are furious.

Brazil's Senate approves $17 billion austerity package to freeze social spending - many decried this as attack on poor people...

Greek MPs approve toughest measures yet amid rioting Greece debt crisis, Athens accepted the harsh bailout deal...

The Eurozone's colossal debts threaten the 'periphery' ...

Sovereign debt crisis strikes many countries...

The global economic downturn that began in 2008 left many governments with reduced tax revenues and exposed what some believed were unsustainable spending levels...


Global Debt Consumers Digitally Connected - G20 Vowed

Title: Transition USA ; Debt Consumers-to-Chinese Slave Laborers
Video posted 7 Oct 2017 by

Can't happen here right? Yet for decades, planning has been hatched, and now being enacted to make the USA people become like Chinese laborers.
The USA consumer is tapped out on debt so now the game transfers to the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) to become the new debt consumers while USA citizens become the slave labor force. It's already happening as the middle class is not in debt so much, the students in debt to over $1 Trillion, car loans over $1 Trillion and US current debt at over $21 TRillion...per year!
One up tick in FED rates and the whole market will collapse way below what we felt in 2007.
Prepare and speak out. Grow you own and get to know your neighbors.

Title: Odious Debt. Is Puerto Rico Our Future?
Video posted 9 Oct 2017 by Newsbud

Puerto Rico is a victim of Wall Street’s loan sharking operation. Its bond debt is now more than $72 billion dollars. This represents more than $20,000 per person, more than the median income, which is $19,520 per year. It’s what’s known as Odious Debt, that is to say debt that didn’t benefit the people of Puerto Rico. In America, we face a similar debt problem. The national debt is now over 20 trillion dollars. That’s larger than the size of the entire US economy. The Fed was established precisely for this reason—to create a never-ending spiral of debt. Donald Trump joined up with Chuck and Nancy to push for uncapping the congressionally set borrowing limit. Insane borrowing that will ultimately destroy the United States continues.

Title: Brazil's High Rents Force Thousands Into Makeshift Camp
Video posted 3 Oct 2017 by PigMine 7

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Another way to say it is counterfeiting ... by the central banks.
Any of you old enough to remember Richard Nixon and the inflation we had as he printed money to finance the Viet Nam war?
This isn't new.

@joe.nobel very true - sadly the plan is engineering the emerging digital economy where "all citizens are digitally connected", according to the G20.

Basically such debt is unlawful, as obligations require counterparty signatures, and I have never authorized such indebtedness, and nor have you. Therefore we are entitled to relief, and, since such debt is fraud, just courts will eventually find in our favor, I believe.

Time will tell.

@valued-customer the IMS (international monetary system) is based on fraud and perpetual debt bondage.
Indeed the IMS is unjust and mass deception - looking forward to the day when mass awareness/awakening with mass grassroots boycotts encouraging the People to implement alternatives as a spontaneous self organizing phenomena.
DIY: stop pleading to institutions and just do it.

The infrastructure necessary to implement sovereign solutions to problems that governments have monopolized are becoming more prevalent, and BTC, private surveillance cameras, and Steemit are all examples.

Eventually, we will ignore them to death, is my hope. Insofar as violent coercion is involved, especially in view of the abuses recently made public regarding the infamous Salt Pit torture center and the participation of medical staff and psychologists, there will be consequences, as these are crimes against humanity.

I ignore systems of fraud systematically. I haven't had a bank account for over seven years now. They can go to the hell they design.

@valued-customer = amazing

I haven't had a bank account for over seven years now. They can go to the hell they design.