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Iagon is developing an open source and decentralized platform for cloud services which includes storage and processing services. A blockchain grid can harness the resources from many computers that is fully decentralized. This is all performed on a secure and encrypted platform. Cloud services is a fast growing market with great potential for the future. The current market has four main competitors who are dominating the space. They are Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon. Prices for these existing services can be quite high. By using a decentralized system like Iagon, pricing can hopefully be much more competitive. Iagon will utilize individuals unused computing power and storage space. By doing this, costs should be lower that the major competition.

Iagon will utilize a token economy. In exchange for each individual user providing computer resources, they will receive Iagon tokens as payment. Additionally, any person who wants to purchase services from Iagon will have to pay for them using the tokens as well. The Iagon platform's AI algorithm will be available to help with pricing recommendations for how much users should be paying for services as well has how much to list them for. Iagon has already developed a beta product of their application for Linux, Windows, and iOS. Also, Iagon will offer multiple blockchain solutions by offering services on both the Tangle and Ethereum blockchain. Most people have heard of Ethereum before, but many might not yet know about Tangle. Tangle can help with some of the scalability issues that Ethereum can have.

Blockchain cloud solutions has the potential to provide better security and more competitive pricing compared to traditional solutions. Who knows what the future may hold for new technologies like this. It is exciting to see the uses of blockchain evolve. A token sale for Iagon is already underway. To learn more about Iagon and the cloud services that they plan to offer, please refer to the links shown below.


whitepaper: https://www.iagon.com/pdf/Iagon%20Whitepaper%20v3.2.pdf

my bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1420457


I think cloud computing is the future of big tech growth. Iagon looks like a good platform. I like to buy all of the cryptocurrencies that are related to cloud computing. Thanks for the article!

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