Dove Network - Peer to Peer Sharing Of Internet

in #blockchain3 years ago
Dove Network is an upcoming decentralized platform using blockchain for the sharing of unused data capacity with a user's peers. The blockchain platform will let people and their Wi-Fi devices share any unused data that they have. This can be done automatically and also anonymously. Dove Network can solve the problems of high cost roaming charges, wasted unused data, and fear of using up all of your data. They will give users more control over their data and how they use it. There are still many people today without any internet service. This could also be a great potential low cost solution to help more people in the world become connected.

A user can install the Dove application which will then allow for them to buy, sell, or donate data. The platform will use blockchain to conduct the transaction between peers. As more users join the platform, transactions should become easier and more cost effective. Dove Network can offer a wide range of great benefits to all users. If a user on the Dove Network needs data, the application searches for nearby peers. A user can select multiple providers in case one connection is lost, another will activate. This helps a user to stay connected at all times.

Mobile data is in high demand, and will certainly stay that way. Dove Network can provide a good solution to many connectivity problems. If you would like to read more about this interesting company, I have provided a list of links below for you to examine.