TPS Report #3: New Normal

in #blockchain4 years ago

Comparing the tx throughput of STEEM, BTS, ETH, and BTC blockchains.

ETH overtakes BTC. STEEM establishes a new baseline ahead of the pack.
BTS has 4-20x more operations than transactions.

Here's the big-picture view.



Nice, Numbers tell the story! :)

And these numbers speak a clear language. STEEM is not yet in communication, but only in blogging and vlogging.

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Fantastic rendering of these numbers. This will be useful.
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You are perfectly right.

Thank you for sharing your sources on this!

Yea bro same here :)

There is zero transaction fee in the case of steem, it looks fantastic, hope it is sustainable.

Great info thank you! Glad to see your posts again :) @roadscape

It is really impressive to see how bts/steem is already much more scalable then btc/eth .

Steem is doing really well ! 💪🏻

Greetings @kam.ila

I am not going to pretend to understand these charts, but comparing them to the tags on this post? The new normal is trending up every second!

Off to the new/hot section of steemit!

the new uptrend is looking good compared to a few months ago. it might be time to jump in again for the long term, this time.

Hmm....very interesting. Steem its really moving!! Thanks for the update!!

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i wanna see steem on top of the list...!!!

Steem IS on top of the list! ;)

Aside from volume, at $10 Steem has a reasonable market cap of about $2 Billion and puts it in the top 10 Crypto chart.

After that, the network needs to expand its user base and content to increase volume/market cap.

hope the value increases as well as it is the graph

It seems like transaction speeds have been increasing exponentially as of recently.
Of course steem and bts would be leading the way haha
Thanks for the analytics @roadscape

In the future it will increase

Steem back to top 3, I want to believe!

These charts are very telling! Thanks for the update! :)

Hello! @roadscape Very interesting your post, I am new in the community, could you give me a vote?

Very usefull info.

That's awesome! Trust me you are great!

and you too who's reading this comment!

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Nice story!
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Nice update. Thumbs up man

Wow... that's awesome and impressive. Nice to see what I've read elsewhere as a graphic representation.

ETH increasing in value! Should have bought it a couple days ago! Dang it!

Steem is showing numbers of transactions, steem on steemit! 🙌

Is this because so many ICO's seem to require ethereum? Or that so many new coins seem to be based on ethereum? I'm not a techie, but it seems to me ethereum plays a part in a lot of new coins.

Nice charts

Actually a very clear graph @ Roadscape, easy to understand and understand, please help me in the development account steemit, I am a new user of Aceh, Indonesia.



Good post , keep the good work

almost good....

why do you have separate categories for ops and tx. for all intenses and purposes operations are transactions on any other blockchain. each operation can be standalone transaction. graphene operates in operations, not transactions. transactions in graphene are just a series of operations sometimes grouped together. it's stange to show steem in operations and bts in transactions as well.. it makes 0 sense to me.

plus it's debatable if eth is even considered a blockchain after it proved to be controlled by 1 person so makes almost no sense to include it for same exact reason onecoin isn't there.

Good news 👍

STEEM TO THE MOON! Lot's of interesting stuff going on in thw crypto world. Almost feels like watching an action movie or something :D

All the way up.

My dream is to be with Steem from the top.
Thank you,
great post. Upvote and follow

Nice looking chart!
The coins are going crazy ;)

Comparing the tx throughput of STEEM, BTS, ETH, and BTC blockchains
The steemit is the best one.

@roadscape we glad to have you back👦:-)

Roadscape, I highly appreciate your report, excellent work, more than helpful in supporting our decisions. Wallpapered Facebook with it.

So, if you could just get a cover sheet on your TPS reports, that would be great.

Sorry, couldn't help myself. Just stopping by to let you know that I voted for you for Witness.

Nice demography ! Thanks for sharing !!

I really like this post 👍

Good job!!

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Steem has been doing well ;)

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Nice analysis bro!

Hello @roadscape,

I am considering buying $50K of STEEM

Any idea or predictions in the price dropping soon to buy the dip?

Great news. Beautiful!

This is a great report!

These charts are helpful. Thank you very much.

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Thanks for new info...

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