TPS Report #2: The Flippening

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Comparing the tx throughput of STEEM, BTS, ETH, and BTC blockchains.

Here we see BTC and ETH fighting it out while STEEM goes parabolic. Note: BTS has many more operations per tx — we'll check in on that next time (the peak daily op count is ~600k).

Here's the big-picture view.



I feel like there's some in-joke I'm missing.

Have you seen the movie "Office Space"?

EOS is what going to take the World by Storm

only if they think it ain't a scam

Haha, some real, actual TPS reports that are useful ;)

"Did ya get the memo Peter?"

"I'll make sure you get another copy of that memo..."

Thanks for the excellent stats @roadscape! Expecting a market correct to correlate transaction activity to price in 3... 2... 1...

If steemit added more features to it's site and had an easier to understand steem/steem dollars/steem power system, it would definitely go parabolic. Steemit needs to hire a bunch of full time employees to beef up it's site and make it like a hybrid of wordpress and facebook. I think it's still in the early adopter phase AND a true community is built, it will be something huge someday.

I agree, and if you look under the name next to their logo, you will see BETA

Note: BTS has many more operations per tx — we'll check in on that next time (the peak daily op count is ~600k).

So this explains why it is so divergent from the cryptofresh chart.

I wrote a post about beating the BitShares record but it seems to be wrong in one way or another.

It's the right of the century right here. The ultimate fight, winner takes all slugfest. The prize is the the spot of being the top crypto: the king of all digital currencies.

With both camps betting it all on their upcoming forks.(btc's segwit2x and eth's pos) Things would get bloodier.

The real question is:

Not a tech guy, but I just watched a few videos that partially explained what is going on under the hood of the Steem blockchain. Quite amazing and robust. The underlying technology is orders of magnitude greater than FacePlant and I certainly am looking forward to the future. It seems for once that I'm not a lagging indicator of technology adoption.

Ofcourse .... That is likely to happen.... No one wants to pay huge fee for delayed transactions. Everyone wants to transact instantly with minimum possible fee... And Steemit beats them all there.

Wow, an awesome thing to see. Steemit is really taking off like a rocket ship!

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