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At Phantasma we are aiming to be as transparent to the community as much as possible. This is why we have decided to write a detailed article on every aspect of the token sale and the total token market.

From all the tokens, 65% will be allocated to the token sale which represents 65 Million SOUL tokens. From this amount, 2/3 has been reserved for the token sale and were to be distributed as base tokens in both the private and public sales (43,333,333 SOUL Tokens).
The remaining 1/3 of the tokens were reserved as bonus tokens for the private sales. Any undistributed bonus tokens will be burned.

To summarize the rest of the token distribution:
Platform development and growth: 15% - 15,000,000 SOUL tokens
Team & Advisors: 20% - 20,000,000 SOUL tokens

Team tokens will be locked with a tiered vesting period as following:
• Cliff of 6 months;
• Vesting of 3 years with 10% unlocked every 3 months for a total of 30 months;

Advisor tokens will be locked with a tiered vesting period as following:
• Cliff of 2 months;
• Vesting of 12 months with 10% unlocked every month for a total of 10 months;

Pegged rates for the private and public sales

We have pegged NEO at $62.954 and Ethereum at $705.57, using a 5-day moving average until May the 16th at 00h00 UTC.
1 NEO Platform development and growth: = 273 SOUL
1 Ethereum = 3,070 SOUL.

The ETH Lock-in Price was determined only for the private sale. For the public sale you can ONLY contribute with NEO.

Bonuses were only available for the private sale, up to 30% for normal investments and up to 50% for strategic partnerships.

Private Sale Tokens

This resulted in a total of 30,700,000 base SOUL tokens and 12,803,435 of bonus tokens being distributed. Meaning that a total of 8,863,232 bonus SOUL tokens will be burned from the bonus tokens available for the private sale.

We have received overwhelming interest from individuals and institutes for our private sale,
We carefully selected our strategic partners that benefit the Phantasma platform and ecosystem the most in the long run. You can view our current strategic partners on our website. As the Phantasma platform grows, we will be constantly forming new partnerships and add them to website.
For the addresses belonging to private sale contributors and strategic partnerships the following rules apply:
• 100% of base (non-bonus) tokens will be released and transferable immediately after the token sale;
• Bonus tokens will have a lock-up period of 30, 60 and 90 days, being unlocked linearly for roughly 3 months, with a third of bonus tokens released every 30 days.

Public Sale Tokens:

The amount of tokens available for the public sale will be 12,633,075 SOUL, accounting for 46,275 NEO in contributions. The public sale will be divided in the two stages, detailed in the previous article (

(please refer to the countdown clock on our website to find out the remaining time until the 1st stage of the public sale

Total Market Supply & Total Circulating Supply:

The total market supply, considering the burned tokens, will be 91,136,374 SOUL tokens and will represent a total of $20,961,366.02 at a value of $0.23 per SOUL token. This includes all of the tokens for both the private and the public sale, the team & advisor and platform reserve tokens.

From these tokens, please bear in mind that the platform reserve tokens that are meant for the platform development & growth and will be gradually released into the market over a period of 3 years.

The total circulating supply when the tokensale has concluded will be 43,332,939 SOUL tokens, which represents a total of $9,966,575.97 at a value of $0.23 per SOUL token.

After 3 months all the bonus tokens are released. This results in a total circulating supply of 56,136,374 SOUL tokens.

Hope this was clarifying enough for all of you and don’t forget, Phantastic Phantasma!

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