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Stage 1: May 27th at 00h00 UTC until May 28th at 00h00 UTC
Tokens left for stage 1: 5,613,426 SOUL tokens equivalent to 20,562 NEO
Personal cap: minimum 1 NEO, maximum 10 NEO
Who may contribute? Whitelisted and KYC approved participants who did not contribute up to the cap of 10 NEO yet.

Stage 2: May 28th at 00h00 UTC until May 29th at 00h00 UTC
Tokens left for stage 2: 702,975 SOUL tokens equivalent to 2575 NEO + unsold tokens in stage 1.
Personal cap: minimum 1 NEO, maximum 50 NEO. First Come First Served basis.
Who may contribute? Whitelisted and KYC approved participants.

We will provide a new script hash prior to the start of the Token Sale.

Postponed token sale explanation

First of all we would like to thank our community for their patience and support all of them have shown despite the problems which occurred during the public sale. On May 22nd 00h00 UTC we detected a security issue within our smart contract, that never put the funds at stake, but could compromised the future of our project. This is the reason why we have decided to postpone the public sale immediately before it could have any negative consequences.

This means that we need to issue a new contract. We have made the necessary changes to the smart contract which is currently being audited again by Red4Sec. The contract audit and deployment will take several days to test and complete.

We have also received feedback from our community that the total supply was beyond our initial total supply available in our smart contract. This supply was incorrectly displayed and did not equal the tokens which were sold during the token sale. We can confirm that the correct amount of tokens were distributed to our contributors.
The audit of the current token sale transactions is available here:


During the token sale there were several phishing Medium posts replicating ours. We reported those accounts as soon as possible. As a result, some people have reported our official Medium account as well which lead to suspension. From now on all official Phantasma articles will be posted on Steemit to prevent these issues.

What about the current token holders?

Everyone who already participated in the public sale will not be required to take any action.

We will perform a snapshot of the NEO blockchain on Saturday May 26th at 00h00 UTC. The new SOUL tokens will be airdropped to the wallets on a 1:1 ratio of the old SOUL tokens. The distribution will start during the sale and might last a few days.

Since the new SOUL token distribution is automatic, we have decided to keep the same ticker “SOUL”.

We recommend that the token holders should keep the current SOUL tokens in their wallets (does NOT necessarily have to be their whitelisted wallet) in order to receive the new SOUL tokens.

DON’T BUY SOUL TOKENS FROM ANYONE during and after the snapshot, the previous tokens will worthless.

When will the public sale be resumed?

The sale will recommence on Sunday May 27th at 00h00 UTC. The 1st stage of the public sale will last for a full 24 hour period for the people who haven’t contributed or haven’t filled their full 10 NEO cap yet. The 2nd stage will follow after the 1st stage and will also last 24 hours.

We will provide a new script hash prior to start of the Token Sale.

1st stage starts from May 27th at 00h00 UTC to May 28th at 00h00 UTC:
During this sale we still have 5,613,426 SOUL tokens to be distributed amongst the remaining participants (equivalent to 20,562 NEO). Whitelisted and KYC approved participants who did not contribute up to the cap of 10 NEO yet, can still fill their personal cap.

2nd stage starts from May 28th at 00h00 UTC to May 29th at 00h00 UTC:
This stage is already preset with 702,975 SOUL tokens available for distribution (equivalent to 2,575 NEO) and will increase based on the number of tokens not distributed in the 1st stage.
First Come First Served basis.

The total token supply will be 91,136,374 SOUL.

How do the blocks work for round 2?

Due to Neo block time generation of 15-20 seconds, it is possible to make a transaction (TX) before 00h00 UTC. What matters is the block count in which the TX was included. If you choose to send the TX before 00h00 UTC it will be at your own risk whenever or not it is in the right block to contribute in round 2.

"All warfare is based on deception." - Sun Tzu

Prepare for the all-out war, good luck and have fun!

During the public sale we have received 2338 valid contributions within the 4 hours the public sale was live. 97.31% of those have filled the full 10 NEO personal cap. From these unprecedented metrics we can see that the community is very excited about Phantasma, which we are very grateful for!

We apologize for the inconvenience and would like to thank everyone for the interest and support you have shown in the Phantasma token sale!

“Remember guys: never get high on your SOUL supply!”

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