Oracle-D's Presentation at Decentralized 2018

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Welcome to the 38th update of Oracle-D Campaign powered by @Fundition - A Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform on STEEM Blockchain. In this blog, we will share the video of Oracle-D's presentation done at Decentralized 2018 in Athens, Greece. It was organized by University of Niscosia. They are also present on Steem Blockchain - @mscdigital


Decentralized 2018 was an action packed event and we are already excited for the next one. Of all the events we have attended this year, it was the best one without a doubt. Please check the below presentation we did to explain the concept of Multi Proof of Brain implemented on the Steem Blockchain:

Source: YouTube

Once our presentation was over, we talked to many other Blockchain and Cryptocurrency projects to find leads for @Oracle-D. Everyone liked the idea of MPoB system and the ideas we had to implement on STEEM Blockchain. Stay tuned for the further updates on this. @Starkerz also did a short interview on his experience of the event:

Source: YouTube

Hope you enjoyed the videos!

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Amazing presentation guys. Loved how you sorta alternated points between the two of you! Jeffs are impressed!

Thank Jeff!

@starkerz for President of Blockchain!

After our talk with you I feel I have grown a bit more to understand the responsibilities and necessity of blockchain and it's communities, dapps, and developers!

Keep on rocking on the free world!

Artakush does a happy dance around the bush...

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i just delegated 100 SP to u guys and a 100 to steemauto, peace

Thanks very much!! much appreciated!

Thank you for presenting Steem in a professional manner. This is excellent!!!

100% upvote and resteem. Keep doing what you do! :)

THank uuuu!!

Yeah! We are well represented in there.. no doubts about that!

¡Hola @oracle-d! Gracias por la actualizacion, voto y comparto, un abrazo cariñoso.

Very well presented guys well done.

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Thank you very much!

Much appreciated!!

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That was a fantastic presentation! I'm sure that everyone in the room left with a positive impression of Steem!