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Blockchain technology is a transparent digital ledger of transactions and records that are immune to change or deletion. Offering additional traits of increased security, lower costs, time efficiency, and error resistance, blockchain has risen, fluctuated in 2017. The utility of blockchain technology is limitless, sparking the growing list of companies, industries, and government exploring its potential adoption. The blockchain is an immutable public ledger that records digital transactions.


Bizavest is a platform where startups, small and even large businesses can achieve efficient data implementation capacity at relatively affordable costs. The platform will function as a social media network and will offer tailored information based on what the user needs to know. This will save companies and individuals the trouble of seeking usable information from large data stores that can be found on the web. The platform is an AI-driven data analytics platform and its aim is to build business intelligence that is affordable, effective, secure, and smart. The system is driven by artificial intelligence coupled with the natural human skill and expertise. Modern advances in decentralized storage, digital currencies, and smart contracts enable us to create a decentralized, incited platform for conducting market research and securely storing client’s data. Organizations and individual will be able to use our platform to make requests for data from precisely defined community amongst members of Bizavest Platform.

The Bizavest platform will be based on (three features) of different technologies at full deployment. These technologies are built in such a way that they function in an integral manner in which one can not perform its optimal function with another and so on. The following is a descriptive overview of the nature and function of the core application of Bizavest:

SURVSTREAM APP — A Dapp that collects structured and unstructured data from community members in the Bizavest Platform. This app will be designed to collect various forms of data from; simple survey data, climate data, location data, traffic data, and so on.

DACOMIAN — We are in the process of developing AI-Human driven systems where; analysis and generation of insights is provided by AI, and actual consultation is provided by ‘human’ experts.

BIZACHAIN ​​Blockchain —Bizachain is the blockchain framework and system upon which the entire Bizavest Platform will function. It provides highly-secure, trustless and validation-driven technology which will power the platform. The next generation in which all processes are designed to work on a unique ‘data-proof’ system. In Bizachain, it’s not enough to just ‘work’, because we value data and information above all else, the chain will be built on the efficiency of data manipulation.

Bizavest platform is market driven and brilliantly have an edge over its competitors by using AI and human interaction to provide disruptive business intelligence, the platform analytics is powered by intelligence that learns, which i consider as very very effective and it comes with high level of security and validation as well.

At Bizavest, Clients and data workers work hand in hand and Clients need information from data feeders and are willing to pay to get, information sourced is regarded to be very genuine and of the notion that it will be served or rather derived ( a certain element of trust). If you need a service from the platform, your funds will be held in escrow until you are satisfied with the service provided. As the client, you will have to approve the result for the funds to be released to the system. If data is not satisfactory, it can be redone or even. Also users who place their information or data into Bizavest platform and participate in market research will be rewarded with Bizacoin tokens. Holders of Bizacoin tokens will be able to place data requests and access analytics and intelligence Services relevant to their respective needs.



Bizavest gives potential investors and business owners valuable insights and advice in quick-time. The result you need may be seconds away, minutes away or hours away. In comparison with the traditional method, it is a lot faster.


With the high level of security possessed by Ethereum, you can be very certain that the privacy and security of your data is in safe hands. We understand the concerns around today regarding the privacy and security of data provided on the cloud or over the internet and we have taken steps to ensure that all is done to ensure security and confidentiality of user data.


Our system at full deployment will be cognitive and highly intelligent. It will serve to provide businesses with high quality data information ranging from demographic and consumer preference information in order to ease business decision making.


You do not need to be a data analyst to understand the result as the results are generated in consideration that the community is filled with different professionals and personality.


This is one of our unique selling advantage. We realise that the current high cost of providing business intelligence is a great disadvantage in the present system of business analytics and Bizavest comes at a very low fee with a high quality of detailed analysis and advice.


Bizavest brings the best available data and advices from experts to individuals and startups. It affords the microscale businesses the tools to start up their businesses successfully with minimum risk of failure. It is low-cost (based on the wealth of information that will be acquired), reliable (solutions from experts who have been in the same business fields for years), uncomplicated (the result is made easy to understand) and fast (the results are gotten really fast unlike the conventional method).


Bizacoin is a standard ERC20 Token; a self-managing peer-to-peer data driven cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum Network; an open-source blockchain platform. Bizacoin Token is an electronic currency similar to Ether in that it is a store of financial value. The token will form the backing for financial transactions for acquiring data and getting paid for providing data over the Bizavest Platform. Bizacoin is intended to have a one-time limited supply of 100,000,000 Tokens.

Pre-ICO: June 12, 2018-12 July 2018

ICO phase: July 2018 – August 12, 2018

ICO phase: August 2018 – 10 SEPTEMBER 2018

Token ticker: BIZC

Token type: ERC20 (See contract on etherscan)

Quantity of supply: BIZC 100,000,000

Available for sale tokens: 45%

Receive currency: ETH

Token Price:

sale of pre round (1 Bizc = $ 0.1)

PreICO (1 Bizc = $ 0.25) ICO round: (1Bizc = $ 0.50)

Fundraising goals: USD 15 million

Softcap: 1 million USD

Bizc tokens are utility tokens that will be used on the Bizavest platform. Token based on Ethereum platform. You can join their whitelist on their website to be notified of sales.


Above you can see the roadmap — how the team sees their nearest and long-term future.


Team seems to be the strongest part of this project. It consists of innovative and talented people. Of course I cannot complain if we talk about their professional level, guys indeed are experts on their field.

Rasheed Bello

Chief Strategist, Co-founder & Big Data Analyst

Wahaab Bello

Lead Content Developer

Olaoluwa Paul

Strategy & Partnerships

Akinbowale Akinwunmi


Shylia Ward

Community Manager & Crypto-enthusiast & Theater Arts

Wahyu Djadmika

Community Manager & Crypto-enthusiast & Auditor

Filip Poutintsev

Cryptocurrency Expert & Blockchain Specialist & Business Consultant & Advisory Member

Gbenga Jayeoba

Technology Management & Business Analyst & Advisory Member

Bizavest is a platform where startups, small and even large businesses can achieve efficient data implementation capacity at relatively affordable costs. The platform will function as a social media network and will offer tailored information based on what the user needs to know. You can be a part of this tremendous project by following these links for more information;










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