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RE: Goldman Sachs Blockchain Presentation turned into Video Format

in #blockchain6 years ago

Goldman Sachs and blockchain in the same sentence makes me nervous. E-coin.


They are trying to control it. But buy making this kind of things, they only promote blockchain which is good!

I am scared of large companies that may want to control and regulate the markets. I would rather let everything be free from oversight.

Haven't heard of e-coin, but I think it just shows how we are slowly starting to get out of the "ground level" of blockchain tech.

From Mr. Robot. It's a corporation coin.

Oh well, blockchain comes in all shapes and sizes I guess. :P

Please please please watch Mr. Robot. Even if it is merely "fiction" it sums up almost all of my wet dreams. well except the kissing sister part.

I thought the whole concept of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is to decentralize power and control. With big players coming into the space to "regulate" and set up artificial rules to their advantage, there seems to be no escape. Hopefully, more exposure into the space will reduce fees for everyone using banking services.

Again, Goldman Sachs is known to be money and power hungry.....oh well... we are all screwed.


and yes, E-coin sounds like exactly what some heads in a company like that would do. Now all we need is a total financial system crash..

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