Goldman Sachs Blockchain Presentation turned into Video Format

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Goldman Sachs recently published this great Blockchain Presentation and I thought I'd give it that little twist and record it into a video and add some background music to it, enjoy!

Remember to pause if its moving forward too quickly!

Link to the original presentation.

Songs used in this video:

SmK - Virtual World
TOM LEEVIS - The Bottom
Distrion - Golden Summer (feat. Johnning)


Goldman Sachs and blockchain in the same sentence makes me nervous. E-coin.

They are trying to control it. But buy making this kind of things, they only promote blockchain which is good!

I am scared of large companies that may want to control and regulate the markets. I would rather let everything be free from oversight.

Haven't heard of e-coin, but I think it just shows how we are slowly starting to get out of the "ground level" of blockchain tech.

From Mr. Robot. It's a corporation coin.

Oh well, blockchain comes in all shapes and sizes I guess. :P

Please please please watch Mr. Robot. Even if it is merely "fiction" it sums up almost all of my wet dreams. well except the kissing sister part.

I thought the whole concept of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is to decentralize power and control. With big players coming into the space to "regulate" and set up artificial rules to their advantage, there seems to be no escape. Hopefully, more exposure into the space will reduce fees for everyone using banking services.

Again, Goldman Sachs is known to be money and power hungry.....oh well... we are all screwed.


and yes, E-coin sounds like exactly what some heads in a company like that would do. Now all we need is a total financial system crash..

OK - @acidyo first off - thank you for putting that together for us.

But I have a serious reservations about Goldman Sachs intentions for getting involved. Midway through it talked about buying tickets, then about tracking personal information and ID - that is super scary. We have enough problems today when Target gets hacked and millions of people's credit card and personal info gets stolen, and that was supposed to be SSL secure, encrypted , whatever. Is it really a good idea to just freely give our personal info to world via blockchain?

What we do here and exchanging cryptocurrency does not entail my giving my home address or id to anyone in the blockchain.

How is what they presented a good thing?

when Target gets hacked and millions of people's credit card and personal info gets stolen, and that was supposed to be SSL secure, encrypted

That's the difference between the systems we have now and the new cryptographic securities blockchains provide. Blockchain is created to be unhackable, even though we today only have public blockchains and ledgers the time will come were they will be private but still as trusted as the ones we have today.

Got it - so it won't be raw data like it is now. It would be encrypted before entering into the blockchain. But in theory then, the government could use that as a way of gaining oversight into cryptocurrencies then, yes/no? If they choose to force regulations on it - under the pretense that it's secure data embedded with the trades.

Is it really a good idea to just freely give our personal info to world via blockchain?

No, that's never a good idea. About the ID and fingerprint part I'm sure they just meant to use the cryptography of blockchain to ensure no one can hack or steal your identity by the usual means.

It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few years.

Very creative and the perfect track to boot. Well done @acidyo as always. 😀 Im a fan. Cheers

Thanks! Is your username a wordplay of Starscream? :D

You know it! :) definetly just downloaded that by the way.

Epic idea buddy. Your music selection kept me in the zoneeeee during the entire presentation. might have to have music playing in the background all the time now when I look at presentations.

Haha thanks, was hoping it would spice it up a bit!

My girl asked me why I was rocking my head when I was watching a presentation hahaha.
Thanks for that :)

Thank you for this presentation! Great choice of music too!

goldman sachs as a blockchain investor... i hope the best :)

Great job with the music! I think it really helps to make the video more interesting and fluid. It made it exciting lol. Looking forward to the next article :)

Goldman Sucks

Thanks for this!!!

From the moment I saw this video, I knew what the reaction of the people that would read this be (and rightfully so ) hahaha!

This just proves the big players are now serious about this and would soon be playing heavy. Please don't sell your crypto, with players like GS now participating it's possible we will see another level of market manipulation to shake the weak hands into selling them cheap coins.

Thank you for the music. I added them to my playlist. Oh yeah!

Goldman sachs and Blockchain? @acidyo this makes me nervous...
pls see my blog post for a crypto giveaway link..once in a life time opportunity

Whoah this is so money - thanks for sharing this @acidyo! Blockchain is really reaching mainstream attention and pretty soon mainstream adoption too now that the likes of Goldman Sachs are releasing videos explaining Blockchain.

Just saw a video on CNBC the other day explaining the difference between BTC and ETH - we're getting close to the point before every crypto will start pumping to infinity and beyond!

I'm most excited about Steemit's potential as the platform that truly revolutionizes the way the entire world perceives social media. It's already becoming a hit in developing nations and even Facebook is starting to get nervous by blocking the posting of Steemit links on their page. I'm beginning to get the sense that we won't only be celebrating our second worldwide meetup at SteemFest this year but we might also be celebrating our official takeover as THE social media network of the universe!

Great music by the way - I can even leave this on in the background as I continue writing my next post for tomorrow. ;)

In Australia our Prime Minister is an ex-managing director of Goldman Sachs. One of the biggest conflict of interests, but few here seem to give a fuck. Blows my mind.

Great work my friend !

Thank you for your work. That is a spectacular presentation.

I must ask: Is there a boring transcript or outline of the presentation I could go through at my own speed?

Thank you,


when the big banks know its go time, and they better get in now or be left behind - i dont think ive seen anything recently which spoke to the potential of crypto as much as this recently. thanks for sharing this.

Really getting better and better. Thank for sharing.

Whenever goldman sachs comes into picture the scene changes either the blockchain is going to boom or dip but its life gonna change

I agree with nepd. Goldman sachs and blockchain are not two ideas I like together in the same sentence.

Goldman Sachs is being hilarious. This is basically validation for bitcoin!

Great article. Thanks for sharing! We just can watch the developing of the blockchains. Cheers!

Money talks, bullshit runs a marathon. Let's not hate large companies...let's get them hooked on our stuff & let their egos fulfill our wishes 🤔😏

Well, that for blockchain the future, I think no one doubts. It remains only to follow and to learn more about this area.

Big fan here of u @acidyo ...nice post

Thank you so much for showing me this awesome presentation! I get it (?)


Check out your edited version of The Goldman Sachs Video on the home page of 😉

That was unexpectedly good.

Banker desperation! I love it because I think it is too late...

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Nice video

great! upvoted!

Nevermind my other comment asking about your taste in music, opened it up on youtube and saw that you used royalty free songs, lol. Either way, good post, bro!

Interesting bit, I figure they would go knees deep into investing something Ethereum.

Thanks for this post. Very informative. Little by little I get to know something about blockchain.

Cool buddy... you made information gathering a fun thing to do :-)

Interesting information, it is possible and useful. Although a blonde like me for a long time will have to understand this =))

Blockchain and Goldman Sachs ... this does not smell good

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