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Moving into a paradigm shift in technology, the blockchain technology has been one of the growing technologies in the 21st centuries. With its high growth integrating different industries such as medicine and other sports, it has not been used in the fish sporting industry. Research shows that, over 60 million Americans spend an amount of $46 billion a year on recreational fishing alone which makes it one of the growing industries in the world.

Profish has seen this great industry and has now being the first to emerge the blockchain technology with the recreational industry. With the aim of getting anglers out there, to enjoy their passion, they will bring a new spice in the world of sporting with their FISH token.

Profish want to be the number one organization to provide three main services (online fishing tournaments, online marketplace and reward systems) which will be beneficial to vendors, fishermen and retailers.

One of the services Profish will offer is the online fishing tournaments. Fishing tournaments are organised copetition among anglers. With this great idea, although online tournaments exist in the sporting industry, what Profish will do is to reward their winners with the FISH tokens and announced on their community page which also is similar to Facebook where users can add friends across the world and also share catches through our website. Some benefits our token will give through the Ethereum blockchain is low transaction fee, verifiable blockchain transactions and a secured network.

In addition, we will also offer online marketplace on our platform. Retailers, Vendors and Fishermen can use this feature to trade goods and services on the platform using the FISH tokens and/or ETH. The will also be a feature known as the online swap meet where users can sell used equipment.

The last service is the reward systems. With the reward system Yes, we know it is very common in the sport fishing with different reward system. With Profish platform we will make our reward system in such a way that, the FISH token will be used through marketplaces and platforms and will unite reward programs and services whereas strengthening the fish sporting economy.

Token Name - FISH

Token Total Supply: 985 Million

Contract Address: 0xBb8A83f98e3D98EA1e3bc6E01FA577e5Ec3e62D0

Decimals : 8




We have a great team and enthusiast team backing our project.

  • Joel
    CEO & CTO

  • Stian
    Chief Operations Officer

  • Myung
    Vendor/Retail Relations and Technology Advisor

  • Tijmen
    Community Manager

  • Collin
    Vendor Relationships – USA

  • Nick
    Sponsored FIsherman – USA

  • Paul
    Sponsored FIsherman - Korea


In conclusion, the Sport Fishing industry is coming to experience a great change and it will be a nice experience if you will be part of it. Profish is going to revolutionize the sport fishing industry with the FISH token. Why don’t you join the train and earn tokens for yourself as you enjoy your sports?


We have already Prelisted FISH token on Mercatox exchange and you can buy your tokens there too. Visit here to buy your tokens.

For more details on our ongoing project,

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Bitcoitalk username- Kay94

Profile URL-;u=2155156


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