PokerSports, Blockchain, and ICOs: How We Will Shape the Future

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The PokerSports ICO is officially coming to an end on May 12, 2018. This will be followed by exchange listings a couple days later. Then, the real work will begin on updating the platform and game development.

I can honestly say that I am exciting for the next phase of work post ICO. My experience in working with marketers, content creators, and various platforms has really taken a toll on me. There are so many individuals that are looking to take advantage of people that it becomes disheartening.

Our goal as a community, focused and driven on creating a successful future for blockchain, should be to build up safety, legitimacy, and comfort for those stepping into the space or backing projects for the first time. The constant bombardment of fake personalities, extreme listing and marketing costs, and the high risk of being "scammed" leaves the entire community at risk.

To be a part of an ICO or any startup you must maintain the integrity of the business and blockchain space at all cost. It is imperative that we early adopters, entrepreneurs, and investors be upstanding ambassadors for what comes next in crypto. We are the key to its future and how that future is shaped for the next generation of development.

Shaping The Future

"I never think of the future - it comes soon enough." - Albert Einstein

I have always looked at this quote by Albert Einstein as a sort of paradox of emotion within myself. It is a play on the thought of time, which anyone could read and find humor in his words. However, it also hits me in a much different way, too. I read this quote and instantly become overwhelmed by a sense of urgency and fear. Time (as we currently know it) continues to move forward, and our future is always just ahead of us. So, we are constantly faced with our "future" in a very real and consistent manner.

This realization really causes me to realign my motivation and focus. Yes, we should all enjoy our present and really take in the notion of "living in the moment" but understand that our actions today help shape the world of tomorrow. This is the motto I believe we should all take into consideration when conducting business and interacting with individuals in the crypto space.

If new individuals are constantly faced with the possibility of being scammed or taken advantage of by corrupt individuals, then our entire legacy will be tainted. This directly effects the progress of innovation and adoption of blockchain technology. Thus, it directly shapes the future of cryptocurrency, ICOs, and blockchain with negative connotation.

As you may recall, I created a video speaking on this topic several weeks ago, which can be found below:

My point of emphasis was accountability for the entire blockchain community from startup to VC and bounty hunter to casual investor. We are all in this together and we all carry the torch for the future of the space.

My Next Project

Blockchain technology, in my mind, is the current future for finance, storing and transferring data, and the solution to many analytical and logistical issues currently found in many industries. It is my personal goal to help see innovation create opportunity with the help of blockchain and decentralized P2P and B2B relations.

Recently, I have come across and even wrote some articles of my own that discuss ICO's, investments, securities, and future business models. These words come from very influential personalities in the space and are backed by experience and conviction. It is my personal goal to help represent blockchain in the same manner as Zhao Changpeng, the CEO of Binance, which was featured in the following article about the importance of ICOs: "The Necessity of ICOs." Also, Anthony Pompliano, an author to many works on blockchain including this recent article on securities: "The Official Guide to Tokenized Securities."

These two men are pioneers and are carrying that torch with integrity and vigor. It is work like this that helps fuel innovation and creativity, which also inspired my recent article: "The Future of Business Models, Fundraising, and Blockchain: Facing the Strategic Inflection Point."

This ICO experience coupled with inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs has given me motivation to help legitimize and protect the blockchain space. My next project will be focused on providing these components in a holistic manner from startup to investor. We all need to do our part to help create a positive experience for everyone. This means that every person involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is responsible for the integrity and future. Shaping this future is imperative to its survival, and helping keep projects, content creators, and investors legitimate and safe is a cornerstone to keeping the space decentralized.

We all have the capacity to make the world a better place, but we must take our work seriously and focus on the present because "the future comes soon enough."

-Nick Durbin



Great information. Blockchain is going to change the world.

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