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A New Addition to the MachWIRE: dialingUP

Inspiration behind this post

  • Congressional hearings on the missuse of personal information by Facebook, Twitter, and other Big Tech companies
  • identity issues in online environment

** In an effort to inform and keep my readers aware of changes, this post will be include on both Steemit and Hive. **

Introducing dialingUP for the purposes of bridging content outside of the Steemit and Hive data flows in areas particular to:

  • expanding upon a topic
  • referencing previously posted material
  • to foster greater awareness (limited cross-posting)

Previous Dynamic

Sky Transit is designed to help coordinate between Steemit and Hive. As a general rule, I've been posting more technical stuff on Hive through bloc.scape and more storied matters on Steemit through mylittle.book.

About Steemit and Hive. I've been posting on Steemit for years now. I witnessed some of the issues associated with the Hive fork:

My goal (at the moment) is to help uplift what's best about each.

This purpose is reitterated in each Sky Transit post with the following graphic:

What you will find only on Steemit:

my/itt/e.book: 1rst ed.

The landscape of blogging and social media is changing.

What you will find only on Hive:


escape out to a blockchain organized community


About dialingUP


IDENDITY issues are a primary concern of the testing going on at Voice. The platform is still early in its development so I do not have much to reveal. What I can say is that I am very interested in:

How Blockchain Can Resolve Society's Personal Information Concerns

So, in an effort to help keep my reader's heads on straight (and my own), I'll be using dialingUP to present new information with the proverbial baseball's heads up analogy whenever I do not use the public key I obtained upon first logging into Steemit.

The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.

- 2 Corinthians 9:6 ESVfrom openbible.info via personal_responsibility


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excellent effort that I have been following for a while, and I really congratulate you hear take is organized initiative with such good content Keep up the excellent work that I follow as a reference for stay informed of these themes.


thank you
I hope that PH turns into more than just a group of bloggers.