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The web today resembles the advanced center point of the world. The coming of the web has extraordinarily initiated society in various ways. With further mechanical advancements, the web is looking pretty much like the live wire of the general public. By and by, the web of today is perplexed by various difficulties. Protection and security are getting to be hard to keep up, with real co-tasks of the world always prying into individual information of web clients and using it for their very own requirements. Control is additionally another issue; administrations of the world are continually repressing the unrestrained choice of web clients today. The utilization of the web is likewise affected by moderate speed and a mind-boggling expense of use which emerge because of the impact of concealed administration present on pages of the web. A portion of these shrouded administrations track the exercises of web clients as well as open them to malware over the web. With developing advancements, for example, IoT gadget set to additionally build the utilization of the web, its important an improved information confirmation, wellbeing, and security instrument is set up to ensure the enthusiasm of web clients.

Presenting HoneyPod
Honeypod is a stage planned with an essential focal point of returning control and security to web clients by venturing in at the core of all interconnection of gadgets. Asides from encouraging the verification of the information stream all through web gadgets, the Honeypod stage likewise tries to give rapid web utilization, security just as the board of all monetary and installment exchanges. The Honeypod stage additionally brags of a keen equipment unit which when connected to web switches can square undesirable information, solicitation, and content from getting into web gadgets. This approach thus encourages the location, redirection and balance endeavors to control, increase unapproved access or abuse web associations. With this system set up, web clients are free from for prying, security risk, and transmission capacity issues related to the web of today.

Center Features of the Honeypod Platform
The Honeypod equipment unit given by the Honeypod stage is intended to be light, simple to use for the two fledglings and geeks alike. This equipment input is intended to be open-source, fitting and play, simple to embrace by web clients and open to additionally includes that will incorporate the capacity for record sharing and similarity with GSM gadgets. The Hardware requires no downloads, establishment or applications on web gadget, and with this equipment unit set up clients of the web can ensure their wellbeing and security from dangers on the web.

The Honeypod stage actualizes both the Stellar blockchain convention just as the Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) calculation. Asides from the responsibility, changelessness, and security blockchain innovation are known for the outstanding blockchain gives space for lighting brisk accord and exchange at a moderately modest operational expense contrasted with different blockchains and with this, set up, it additionally enables the honeypod stage to encourage safe and verified exchanges/installment on the stage. The consideration of the BFT calculation, the Honeypod will most likely productively check, approve the wellbeing of approaching and active information just as anticipate information spillage and digital security issues related to SSL endorsement.

Honeypod foundations a wonderful element known as Honeypod Trade framework (HTS) and this program is intended to give web clients power over their information which in the customary world is regularly adapted by outsider administrations on the web. HTS makes a worthwhile road where clients don't simply have the road to control, track or deal with the utilization of their information yet, in addition, get the pay as HNY token from web benefits that use their information.

Nectar (HNY) token is the cash of the Honeypod stage based on the excellent stage with a most extreme supply of 1 billion tokens.HoneyPod has a second token known as HNYD which will be liable to repurchase from the stage. HNY assumes the accompanying job on the stage: security, exchanging, online installments, credits to individuals from the ecosystem(users/sponsors) and in conclusion to compensate accomplices, clients of shopping diagrams e.t.c. HNY is right now accessible in a presale that begins the third of March 2019 and finishes on the 26th of May 2019.

Honeypod is a progressive venture that has the power to contact the lives of over 3.9 billion clients at present utilizing the web and with the developing interest for IoT gadgets, the use of the web will quicken prompting higher requests for the administrations rendered by the Honeypod stage. With Honeypod future takes a shot at GSM empowered gadgets, sign-in validation, crypto installments for administrations, youngster/family lock get to control, document and DNS store sharing component among gadgets, the Honeypod stage truly has a great deal to offer the world.

For more data on the Honeypod stage look at the accompanying channels:
Website : https://honeypod.org
Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/see/6w2kpua
Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5101474.msg49392175#msg49392175
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gethoneypod
Telegram : https://t.me/honeypod

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