We’re all facing a forking Internet!

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Good afternoon, Steemit. I’ve been stewing with my thoughts these last few days. This one isn’t going to be about vintage lingerie models. It’s more of a free-write/thought piece of social migrations on the internet, and where I fall in to that personally. Lately, I’ve been realizing there is a tale of two internets. The centralized internet and the decentralized internet, and that admission that I’m increasingly neglecting one for the other. Being that this blog is coming to you via Steemit, I think it’s obvious where I lang amongst the two.

Blue Pill

The centralized internet to me, until recently, was just “the internet”. I didn’t know there was an alternative until @mada turned me on to Steemit in the summer of 2016. Just to be fair, I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars over the seven years I’ve been on Instagram and Facebook. It was the primary avenue to reach potential clients and book shoots. As of today, I have 30K followers on Instagram and it still the most effective way to announce travel and book work across the US.

The cost of that convenience is a bargain with the devil. Less for me than for some of my friends that are legitimate brand endorsers and influencers, but still the same, Instagram, like Facebook, have transitioned to the ad revenue model. They gave us the platform to build massive audiences on the merits of our content and hard work, then once we reached the top of the silo to the point that there is NO WAY we’d delete our accounts in protest, they changed their algorithm. Currently, creators like myself reach only a fraction of what we did a few years ago, unless we’re willing to pay.

It’s that kind of blatant dismissal of their users’ value to a platform that made me open my eyes. This was even before my discover to Steemit. Companies have to be profitable, sure, but I saw this […as did millions of others] as predatory and exploitative. Let’s also not forget most of these centralized platforms claim ownership over content posted by their users. It was like being in an abusive relationship, having the awareness that you were unappreciated and repeatedly wronged, but gas lit in to thinking there wasn’t a way out. And much like those relationships, you look back in hindsight wondering why you stayed as long as you did.

Red Pill

Enter 2016. @mada asked me to upvote one of his writings on a new website. I created an account, only to do that. After a week or so, I decided to make my introduction post. My introduction here on Steemit made over $1,600. Really, $16 would have been massively impactful on my psych for all the reasons mentioned above. @mada went on to explain what “decentralized” meant. How my content here is my own, and rewarded by the community. It really sent my head spinning, and I embarked on a continuing journey to understand this new internet.

Recently, friends like @vintagevandalizm and even my own @vermillionfox have been reminding me “…make sure you post something on Instagram!”. I’m still at a point that I need to engage with that audience to stay relevant, but I find it fascinating that I need to be reminded of it. In fact, when I think of it, I spent far more time on @dtube and @dlive than YouTube. I have a project underway with @tarotbyfergus, @treigh-c, @iamredbar and @verillionfox called the @axiomproject, which is going straight to those video platforms.

@ghostfish and I are even working on a horror anthology and after months of meeting, writing, drawing and talking, we’re going with @fundition to fund the project. On one hand, it seems crazy to completely bypass Patreon and Kickstarter, and on the other, not at all! We’re still early days in DAC’s and dApps, even with Steemit’s massive head start. As time goes on, though, how can any centralized company compete? For me at least, it’s beyond a conscious decision. Subconsciously, I find myself leaving the centralized space.

Beyond the obvious benefits of a decentralized internet, there are subtleties that I haven’t found in the corporate centralized structures. Much of that is community and deeper, lasting friendships. The relationships I’ve made through Steemit have become important representations of what makes our alternative to Facebook and Instagram so much more meaningful. Even friends I haven’t had a chance to meet in person [yet] are closer in my mind and heart than Facebook friends I’ve known for 20 years […in many cases].

There is an aspect to this decentralized internet that I feel is a secret club. We are all, for the most part, self-aware of what is happening. How it’s going to disrupt industries, companies and especially social networks like the Facebook and Instagram juggernauts. There is a reckoning coming. Thanks for reading these random thoughts on life, decentralization and where the two intersect. I like getting these posts out of my head occasionally. I post daily. For more commentary, art, photography and illustration, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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@vermillionfox have been reminding me “…make sure you post something on Instagram!”

I hate how she is right. Though I don't listen to that advice I give myself all the time. After Twitter shut down the Crypto Collectibles account not too too long ago, that was probably my last centralized Internet I have cared that much about. That is not to say I do not use so many services, sooo many, the dot coms and the social medias are still a necessary function because of credit card processing and Google Ads, but I just hope more "regular" folk like yourself and so many others keep jumping onto the decentralized services.

A separate thought that just relates to things somehow, with all the FCC bs that happened, I am surprised not all Americans use TOR and/or a VPN as part of their regular browsing habits.

Gorgeous post * ___ * Good luck with your upcoming horror project's fundition, @kommienezuspadt ! I shall try to support you with what I can <3

Also, I agree about the blue internet and red internet. I think it is abysmal what facebook and instagram are doing to its own userbase, really, it shows the regard with which they care about people are voices and talents, but it does show how much they prioritizes their own profits and greed.

I love LOVE LOVE your artworks, your characters and linearts are absolutely wonderful to appreciate, and I wish you all the best of successes in your future projects \o/

One of these days, I am going to try to pay an homage to your drawing style, Lars :) (and fail) (miserably) (but whatever, you'll get the message that a spider is a fan of your style) (bahahahahah)

I think it's pretty wise to diversify and not go all in into one direction, though I obviously prefer Steemit as well as I don't have any Facebook or Instagram account.

I do feel that people are more passionate in this platform, maybe because the technology is so brand new and all of us are experimenting about what's possible. I dunno what it is, but it's exciting. Like the smell of fresh paint.

Good luck with your upcoming project :).

Good luck with your project!!!!

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I am so surprised to see that I posted so beautifully.


We all are surprised.

Excellent text, @kommienezuspadt, resteemed, but…

…Instagram, like Facebook, have transitioned to the ad revenue model.

Instagram IS Facebook! It is since 2012 when Facebook paid an astounding $1 billion to acquire Instagram.

As it is WhatsApp, which Facebook bought for $19 billion in 2014.

As it is Messenger…

Or Oculus VR, Ascenta, ProtoGeo Oy, and many others…


I’m very glad you stopped feeding the monster.

You should more of these random thought posts, although we have not achieved state of 100% decentralization but progress in that direction is really promising to crush all those manipulative tech giant juggernauts.

It does not seem right to me that these social network companies use your data without one knowing it, but that many people do not care or do not call them attention, they are just addicted to them.
The truth is that I was never a lover of social networks, until I met steemit, it allows me a lot of things and there is much more quality content than in a normal social network.
Most of the people that we are here spend hours and hours trying to do something new and that it is of quality because we believe like you, that steemit is the future! He has opened the doors of his community and has served us a lot in my case to live, that of others is saving or investment.
beyond that you will not find it on other social networks!
Hurrah Steemit! 😍

On the other hand I love what you do and I can not wait to see what you're going to do with the horror theme since I love it!

I hope it does disrupt fb et al. I have to remind myself to instagram as well and it's a CHORE to go on Facebook and I only realized that I have not used my twitter in some time and was told the other day, get on it! :/

Although I never actually made an intro post and I never made 1600 ! Whoa that is amazing!, I still love it here and it's my place I LOOK FORWARD to going on in the morning, whilst the other 'social media' is a chore, that says so much right there.

We shall see what comes of our digital future. That prop 13 happening in Europe today will be interesting to see.

I read this post this morning when I wasn't able to comment, but wanted to say I loved the post and recognize it all! Especially the

There is an aspect to this decentralized internet that I feel is a secret club.

It's still so 'divided' and I find even when I explain it to people they rather opt for Facebook again than take the effort to invest in the future for all humanity and/or simply themselves. It's interesting, and I find that automatically I must have a connection with every Steemian because we are part of it and that makes us share something huge <3