Native Will Help Communities To Achieve There Inherent Value

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Native is a platform born out of the idea that groups can be helped to achieve their inherent value. Lots of groups lack cohesiveness due to poor financial management. In a decentralized autonomous community where every decision is made by two-third or simple majority of members votes, the chance of financial mismanagement is slim.


Native is the base token for all community token that is created on Native platform, similar to how ethereum is the base token for ERC20 tokens created using ethereum smart contract. Native (NTV) will operate like ethereum smart contract but it is a smart contract that is community oriented, it caters for group who may not have enough financial, technical and marketing muscle to create tokens on other blockchains.

To really enjoy Native, users are advised to use Cipher or Brave browser, and metamask is required to transaction on Native platform for maximum security. To buy NTV, use ETH, once you have NTV in your wallet, you already have a visa to create or join any community.

The biggest community currently have less than a dozen members, you may have to pay $10.50 to $175 to join community. Payment is one-time. No community require monthly subscription or payment, currently.

The early investor will benefit a lot as the value of NTV increase. With strategic marketing, number of NTV adopters will increase, more people will need more NTV to join communities, this will increase demand of NTV.

Be the first to join or create community on Native platform, it will worth it.

More Information

Native Whitepaper
Telegram Group


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