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Hello friends! Blockchain and decentralization penetrate into our lives in small, but correct steps, some projects take root and their tokens are in demand among investors and traders, others go far into the past and are gradually forgotten about them. But there is, then without what, no token could not be used by millions of people around the world. Of course, these are exchangers. Among them, there are also their ratings and who have a higher rating, have more users. Obviously, people who want to buy or sell a token are more likely to trust the exchange, in which large volumes. You can say that this herd instinct is working. If everyone uses this exchange, then I will. But you can not be 100% sure of the reliability, this or that exchange. All because most of the popular exchanges are in the hands of private individuals who often do not always carry out their activities correctly and because of this have problems with the authorities.

Of course, there are also decentralized exchanges, where everything is handed over to users such exchanges as Forkdelta, Etherdelta, Idex and several other exchanges of less popular among users. But you can see that all these exchanges have certain restrictions for users. Personally, I am currently limited not by the convenience of using decentralized exchanges. How many times have I not tried to visit these exchanges I always left there with a feeling of disappointment. I think this is not only my opinion, I often meet messages from people who ask for help from other people, that would sort out the functional features of a particular exchange.

Another feature of many exchanges is the commission. For example, many users have encountered the peculiarity of the centralized Binance exchange. Since initially not completely understandable conditions. You can buy 10 NEO tokens, and when you decide to sell some of them, for example, 5.3, then if you did not use the 50% discount on the commission offered by this exchange the next time you want to sell the remaining 4.7 NEO tokens. You get to sell only 4.0, and the remaining 0.7 NEO tokens will remain on your wallet, until an indefinite time. And all this only because you did not take advantage of the offer of the Binance exchange and did not purchase BNB tokens for using the service -0.050% of the commission. A slightly confusing explanation has turned out so that it is better to study the information on the Binance exchange independently.

And of course, the most important rule of the crypto investor is not to keep all crypto assets in one place. The world of the crypto industry is so fragile that, you no once know what will happen in the next minute, and how it will affect prices and exchanges in general. For example, a large outflow of users of the Poloniex exchange occurred due to the spread of rumors in the network that the crypto exchange was preparing to close. Another story with Bitfinex and Tether which is still not completely clear. If in brief, Bitfinex and Tether received subpoenas, with accusations of collusion and illegal release of 2.3 billion Tether tokens.

All of this news certainly affected every crypto investor in 2017-2018. Since the total capitalization of the Crypto-currency is significantly reduced, after the release of this kind of news, which negatively affects prices.
It is possible to list for a long time all the shortcomings of the existing system with cryptocurrencies and exchanges. But in most cases, we are interested in where it is safe and with a low commission to exchange tokens.

Localcoinswap - offers a new solution for traders and ordinary crypto investors is a decentralized exchange with zero commission and the most important is the secure exchange.

A team of the best minds gathered in a single organization to solve a number of problems. The problems that are proposed for the solution can be noted on such key points as:

  1. The platform offers the opportunity to trade virtually any cryptocurrency and any fiat currency;

  2. To start trading there is no need to go through a complicated registration with the provision of documents, which means that it is enough to pass a short registration without having to verify the identity of the user;

  3. Cryptocurrency is stored on cold wallets, which provides a more reliable storage system. We all remember the case with Etherdelta when the keys to users' wallets were stolen and most of the users found themselves without funds because of this exchanger.

  4. Faster withdrawal of funds. That is, according to the authors' statement, that after closing your cryptocurrency you already have to be in your wallet;

  5. Profit generation and further 100% distribution among LocalCoinSwap users each receives an equal number of tokens equivalent to their amount

For example, if you own 1% of LCS tokens, then your profit is 1% of the distributed funds. Of course, there is an incentive in storing a large number of LCS tokens and people with large capitals will be more interested in this than ordinary users with less capital, especially the exchange predisposes to the fact that the platform does not have a single owner. And anyone who buys the largest number of tokens LCS has the most part of dividend payments.

Airdrop - when listing new coins after the ICO on the platform, all users receive a small income in the form of these tokens. I think this is an excellent marketing move because the distribution of tokens further stimulates users to sell these tokens or buy more. What leads to the volumes on this exchange, therefore, due to the increase in volumes, there are all chances to advance to higher positions in the rating.

Localcoinswap is a fully transparent open source exchange service.
During the opening of the exchange, at least 10 popular cryptocurrencies will be available. After the opening, according to the authors of the project, there will be an instant increase in the number of tradable crypto-currencies and eventually, all the tradable tokens will be added to the platform, except for those tokens who are accused of scamming and developers are declared scammers. Adding new tokens will be done by collective voting among the users of the platform.

In conclusion, it can be said that localcoinswap is created for the community and the exchange of P2P, which may not please, many investors do not want to store their tokens on centralized exchanges because of their unreliability, and existing decentralized exchange services do not have the functional feature that traders and investors need. Moreover, developers offer their users a permanent income for storing cryptocurrency on their exchange service. What is an additional incentive for using this exchange.
Цена: 1LCS = 0.40 USD
Softcap: $500 000
Hardcap: $ 20,000,000

At the time of writing this article has already sold more than 50% of the tokens offered for sale.
ICO ends on June 15, 2018, after which all unsold tokens will be burned.

For more information about selling tokens and the project, please visit the links below:
ANN thread

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