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In analyzing potential market-influx, trying to consider all economic, political, and even cultural movements can be beneficial in predicting future markets. Here is another sign of the interest surrounding blockchain applications.

Casey Neistat, youtube personality, filmaker, and co-founder of Beme, which was just recently acquired by CNN for a reported 25 million dollars, can be seen here with the book "Blockchain Applications" by Arshdeep Bahga..

Casey Neistat has a wopping 7.7 million subscribers on youtube, and his influence can be seen throughout the fabric of Americas obsession with Social Media.

This is a very very very good sign my friends... Casey Neistat is also good friends with Gary Vaynerchuk, and I am sure these two power players are currently coordinating their efforts for the incoming transition.

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I'm a big fan of this guy. Watching him working and playing each day was both entertaining and educational. I particularly love some of the music he uses on his Vlogs.

Yeaaah, really great instrumentals

sorry to jump in .. no other way to get in touch! :)
check out .. https://steemit.com/the50/@kurtbeil/hey-seablue-genesis-mining-bonus-coming-you

cool post / vid .. have a nice day y'all!

thanks @kurtbeil

Yes, this is a very very good sign.

Holy Hell. Game Set Match if Gary V and Casey Youtube Blockchain it up.