Hatching week — Everdragons DNA

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It’s finally hatching week and excitement is building as users will soon get to see their eagerly awaited Everdragons. With everyone wondering what their Dragons will look like and what Power Source or Domain their dragons will have, let me explain how exactly these aspects are determined and how the dragons DNA will be made up.

Each Everdragons DNA is made up of a series of seemingly illegible numbers and letters, but these digits hold the key to your 100% unique fire breathing, contest winning, mythical beasts.

Visual DNA

Everdragons certainly are a treat to the eyes and with countless variations in design there is sure to be Dragons to appeal to everyone. You can almost imagine the Dragons personality with the cool, wacky, happy and angry features bringing them to life.
The Visual DNA behind all this determines how each Everdragon will look. Their features, wings, tail, eyes etc. and also identifies the colour of the dragon. Each Everdragon is visually 100% unique, no two are the same.


Power Source, Domain and Origin

Also embedded in the Dragons DNA is the Power Source, Domain and Origin. These aspects are very important for players when putting their dragons forward to participate in the contests.
Of course, there will be games where some aspects are more important than others and with the variety of games linking the Power Source to different elements, every Everdragon will have their chance to shine!
Origin is hidden in the Dragons DNA from the beginning but will only become apparent later in the year. It can help the Everdragons when participating in challenges where factors of the dragons Origin come into play. Some users may also like an Everdragon from their hometown or a city they love!


Secret DNA

Everdragons all have a secret gene in their DNA. This is a factor that will be revealed further along the roadmap and it won’t change your Everdragons Power Source, Origin, Domain or their features.
Early adopters who have purchased Eggs in the presale are in for a treat. The Everdragons that hatch from these eggs have a Generation 0 identifier in their DNA, which will have a say in how their secret DNA manifests.
Later in the game everyone will be able to identify the first ever Everdragons, which could make them potentially valuable!


All Everdragons DNA is embedded on the Ethereum blockchain. Once the Everdragons hatch and as the new dragons are spawned, their DNA cannot be changed.

Hatch day is June 30th but there is still time to get discounted Everdragon Eggs here:


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