IZETEX Memorandum

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The Internet advertising market is concentrated in the hands of monopolists, who dictate pricing policy and carry out content moderation independently. The existing system does not guarantee equal access to advertising opportunities for all participants. Built-in “obtrusive” Internet advertising no longer hits the target audience, causing irritation and “banner blindness.” Advertising budgets are growing but the conversion is steadily falling.

IZETEX — decentralized blockchain platform with the use of augmented and virtual reality. Any IZX token owner can become an advertiser by placing his advertisement in augmented reality for free without censorship, without geographical restrictions. Advertising messages in the form of virtual tokens can be placed in the points on the map of concentration of potential customers. No more aggressive advertising, the user expresses his voluntary intention to familiarize himself with advertising offers, opening applications based on the IZETEX platform.

Advantages of IZX
Dual token model. Possession of tokens IZX ERC-20 (Ethereum network) gives the right to issue game IZX Drive tokens, each of which is an advertising message with a unique design. IZX is the only crypto-currency available today that brings profit and benefits from owning it without speculative manipulation. Each owner of IZX tokens is an advertiser.

Open platform. Any independent game developer can capitalize on his ideas, integrating our tokens and smart contracts into mobile offers and games for PC.

Domestic stock exchange. We create a domestic exchange for advertisers and owners of IZX tokens, which will allow selling or renting IZX Drive game tokens for advertising campaigns.

Working model. IZETEX is not a prototype, but a really working flexible tool with endless possibilities for improvement and scaling. We tested our ideas on the audience of our MVP application.

Prospects of IZX

  • we are one of the few technological companies for today, mastering the advertising market in augmented reality;
  • conducting on our platform of advertising campaigns of famous world brands will lead to a sharp increase in the capitalization of the IZX crypto-currency;
  • IZX has all chances to become the most mass and user-friendly blockchain technology for crypto-currency, widely used for micropayments or loyalty programs around the world.


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