Valentine's Day Special—an Open Source Proposal to Decentralized Sex

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It's officially February 14th, as far as my timezone is concerned. Steemit is a global platform where people meet from all corners of the world.

Given that, I am not particularly sure about your current date at the time of this publication.

But no matter where you are now I'm pretty sure you're familiar with, or have heard at some point in your life the word Valentine's. So cheesy!

Valentine's Day as a Tradition

It has been a longtime tradition from where I come from to celebrate this particular occasion once a year and every celebration is bloody devastating below the belt—far more brutal than the recent cryptocurrency market crash. Horrifying indeed! LOL

Now let's get right to the point and forget about my bombastic distractions for a moment—yeah I am a literary magician sometimes.

Most of our heartaches spring from a failed relationship. Some of these broken relationships are irreversible.

And when I say irreversible I'm referring to the kind of mess that could no longer be fixed.

Love Will Make You Cry

Oh shit! One example is when you caught your ever dearest sweetheart doing the actual deed of heavenly betrayal before your innocent eyes, and right there in an instance your tears began to fall. Huhuhu

But what if your partner is clever enough to act in full stealth mode? Thus capable of disposing off all the footprints pointing back to any potential evidence.

Your last chance of uncovering the unpalatable truth is dying in vain.

How to Decentralize Sex

The possibility of reading people's mind is mind-blowing. But the tech is yet to be seen.

But wouldn't it be great if in the meantime we will harness the immutability of blockchain ledger to decentralized sex activity?

This would supplement, or the other way around, to the already existing blockchain-based app dealing with sexual consent to be agreed by both parties in a form of smart contract.

The implementation of this would require a serious cooperation with cutting edge health professionals in the creation of medical kit that would determine the microbiological status of a person's genital before and after sex.

Calibration Tools

This may include but not limited to: penis and vaginal 3D scanner, thermometer-like toolkit, fluid reactor, and other forms of gathering miniscule data whichever the most efficient and accurate.

From there, the goal of the blockchain geeks is to develop an application that would enable the user(s) to upload the encrypted data as simple as scanning a barcode result.

Hooray! Every sex act will now be timestamped and recorded on a blockchain.

So the next time you initialize a sexual intercourse with your lover, the first thing you will have to do is to check whether the previous data was intact or tampered with.

This Is an Epitome of a Trustless Relationship

No more heartaches or at least your pain is now justified. No more hide and seek game because justice will be served right away the moment you synchronize the recent data to the blockchain.

PLEASE NOTE: I am aware this may not have a significant impact to everyone considering our major cultural division.

What other nationalities value as diamond might be just grains of sand for others—as in the case of polygamous culture.

That being said, the potential for this to revolutionize marriage, sex and relationship is unprecedented.

Speed Really Matters

The EOS infrastructure—being built from the ground up with scalability in mind—has all the potentials to deliver this project proposal seamlessly.

The need for lighting-fast blockchain network is of utmost importance.

Sure we have some tolerance to wait for our Ethereum and Bitcoin transactions to be included in the next 6 blocks. I'm not sure if the same thing can be said when it comes to sex.

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This post deserves more upvotes, it made my day hahah.


Thanx bother! I appreciate your support in some little ways. Hopefully someone will notice this and pump it to the trending page.


I don't know how long I could sustain my persistence. I write stuff meaningfully and with dedication, however seeing the reward of my latest post makes me wonder maybe it's about time to turn this account into a full-fledged content marketing machine.


I guess there is a lot of noise out there and is hard to make a statement through it.
We need thousand more user for all of us, early adopters, to find our Niche of the market. For now, I would yes, recommend you to start making side-lines marketing auto-promote.

I use and vouch 100% for SmartSteem!

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Why? I'd be glad to know your opinion about this proposal. Your reaction though. Haha


They say "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" so... hahaha :-D

Great idea ahaha.
This will also increase anal and oral sex ? Cause this won't be discovered, so every woman cheating would go anal and oral, right?
I hope you find the sponsors and develop this app ;)


If that is the case, so be it! However, I just don't see the urge for people to cheat on their partner just because of the anal sex or even oral sex. Like, is that all? It's not worth it in my opinion.

Already have a smart contract for sex, it's called a marriage license😂


I read it...if you read the fine print it doesn't say anything about sex.😔


i wrote it in crayon on the back😂


I hate that you are so much wiser than I.

Introvert you cray cray!
I like you.. but you cray cray.

Do you know that loyalty to one partner is actually a forced act for humans. Science is now realizing that we made a mistake by associating ourselves to be closely linked to chimps. We are actually more like Bonobo monkeys.

They have some extreme practices such as pedophilia, homo-intercourse, group sexual intercourse.. and even necrophilia. Now then.. do you see how it starts to make sense? Some of the practices are morally wrong in our society but cannot be denied existence. We are all those things collectively whether we want to address/accept them or not.

Humanity is farrrr farrrrr from even becoming a perfect species.
Relationships are about more than loyalty. For instance, one trend which is actually gathering momentum in the western world is a 3 party commitment. Most common is 2 women and 1 man. From a man's perspective this is god-sent... but it also makes perfect sense from the perspective of the females. Given that they find the right man who can provide. For the children it is also a great plus! And from the household point of view, bread winners are maintained and need for daycare is eliminated.

Society changes... after all. It's OK now to be born one gender and then claim opposite. To love and commit to the same gender. The old model is slowly but surely disappearing. I admire your initiative though. Maybe in The Philippines it's different but the west has most definitely changed.

Novel that your thinking about implementing a better consensus arbiter for carnal relations, especially in this era, using a censorship-resistant ledger. The ultimate problem will be the concatenation of ques which'll be necessary to log onto the ledger. Do you propose using IOTA's protocol through Google Home, Siri, Alexa, DIY assistant to ref the consent verbally? Let say that both parties have to initiate the assistant into listening mode, then after that the assistant will engage in a series of questions, to off-set ambiguity from the two parties. In the event of a power failure or wi-fi failure, the contract is completely scrapped. Outside of that, it records all acts accordingly based upon all verbal confirmations. Both parties can have saftey words, but must provide 2-factor authentication (in the event of accident). Outside of that if the party doesn't respond to the assistant queries, it's logged as a spectrum of consent/non-consent. This at least provides a record of varience if things become legal/criminal.