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All the buzzwords were expo'ed actually. IoT, AI, Blockchain.


Many booths were to visit, just like at any trade fair.


Plus the presentation areas for each of the mentioned 3 main topics.


As expected, the presentations themselves were more marketing than content. The first day at least was less on seemingly cocaine-induced ICO-hyperwarp-overdrive than the second day, and even had some panel discussions. This fellow here even took the time and liberty to digress and enthuse about the creative and great developer scene here in Berlin with 'em Ableton and Native Instruments all those.


Social platforms today are anti-social. This guy thinks his blockchain can solve all that.


Over at the IoT stage they still believe IoT can be made secure by law. Because politicians say so. Mmmkay?


Speaking of which, me personally, I'll avoid IoT-connected devices like the plague. What benefit could they possibly offer... except... hmmmm... such a display on the fridge door... aaaaah... shut up and take my money!


This large-ass hotel and conference center hosted not only one expo at that time. There was another. Or was there?


Ok, I asked them, I was the 3rd person (in the morning on the first day) who approached them and joked about the coincidence. Though they were still confused. Mining? Yes, it is just something complicated that's going on in the IT sector these days, I told them.

Anyway, after some side trips in the late afternoon and evening I went "home" to some sanity and the famous pub in Kreuzberg where the one true and actual real blockchain is still alive and well.


The Blockchain Expo Europe 2017 took place on June 1-2 at Hotel Estrel in Berlin. https://blockchain-expo.com/europe/

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- So we've got this Drill-10000-Hyper-Diamond-Cut, capable of progressing through silicate dense rock at 1cm per second...
- But what's the hash rate?


What? Beer for Bitcoin?! Sweet! Do they wait for three transactions before serving or do they trust their customers? :)

They've been accepting bitcoins since 2011, one of the first pubs ever.
And since they have always said confirmation times are irrelevant in this use case, because if you want to dish and dine, the traditional ways are easier than to elaborately set up a double-spend attack.

You never dine and attack? Strange... :D

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Oh so there was a new Expo, was waiting for some news, thanks!
What do you think about the performance of speakers of Humaniq and Lisk? :)

Looks awesome! I really wanted to visit Token Summit in NYC back in May, but wasn't able to. You mentioned a lot of hype-fueled ICO talk, maybe it's not so bad I missed a bit of that :-)

Many topics to talk there i want to go in any moment i will get valued ideas. Surely

Really enjoying the con updates from Deutschland!

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