Steemit Should Change Its Name

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Engine? Or some other spelling variant. Steem powers the Engine. That is catchy and is also apropos to its function.

I am very excited about the potential of Steemit/Steem and the fertile ideas and philosophy of compensated user generated content, however, that name needs some fixin.

The power of the linguistic and verbal association to draw in users is a good tactic in the beginning.

Steemit sounds way too similar to its centralized half cousin, Reddit.

This, when beginning, is not necessarily a bad thing, but, in order to fully mature, I think a name which is more singularly associated with this exciting platform.

There is precedent in the blockchain universe, NEO was ANTshares a few weeks ago. And look at the crypto price jump after the name change too.

We do not need to ape other platforms or bite their naming conventions, Steemit (or whatever its new name will be) has enough strength to stand on its own.

I think we can come up with something that is not only catchy pertinent and meaningful.

Any Other Suggestions ?


It did work for AntShares pretty well. It could not hurt and bring attention. I think we should go with TheOne.

One has really bad connotation with OneCoin Scam. We should avoid this.

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Steem ON!

I do like the name "Steem", So to answer my own question, maybe something like "Boiler" or maybe a portmanteau.

I love the idea, because if you would like to be taking seriously your name can not be a derivative of an already existing platform i.e. Reddit... So love the idea thanks for the post. Keep em coming...

steemit does sound too similar to reddit. Also a new name will give steemit a fresh look.

I think that "steemit" is a pretty decent place to start. so good work so far on that. I don't really think these are particularly good ideas. I just like to stir the pot a bit!

Steam as a root has a lot of great meanings and connotations for community and general quality of life. Steam rises above, moves around, and travels well, and hopefully the price of Steem will do some rising as well. Steaming is a healthy food prep technique. Steam baths are revitalizing and communal. Steam as a source of power was quite revolutionary. Steam as a way to clean sensitive garments. The one connotation i'd avoid would be the type of steam that comes out of one's ears when they are irate. SteamPunk is just the coolest neo-classical victorian era that never existed (Firefly much!?)

  • Clams (Steamer Clams. also, Clams were a fiat currency in the Flintstones, which is kind of o.g.)
  • Banya - like everyone's just chlling and conversing in a russian steam bath and a shout out to the eastern european blockchain talent
  • Steemship - (while primitive in nature, this feels like a steam-powered spacecraft. i think in old times it was meant to describe a steam-powered boat)
  • Cleevland (like a Cleveland Steamer, is anyone on this project from Ohio?)
    • Ok note on this one. While i was aware that a "Cleveland Steamer" was a thing, i figured it was a famous type of train from the B&O Railway. I looked it up. it is not. It is quite grotesque (NSFW) and I wouldn't look it up. But in case you thought that maybe you recalled this term from your childhood trip to the railway museum, it has nothing to do with that, I assure you!
  • Gabardeen (like a fancy raincoat that can only be steam cleaned. also great Simon & Garfunkel reference to Gabardine in the song America which had strong generational themes of finding ones way in life. In many ways Steem is reinventing the way people of the world can act online)
  • eSteem - because everyone should be feeling a good self-esteem contributing to the rise of blockchain tech and the feeling of a healthy crypto portfolio
  • Steempunk - while a nod to Steampunk, the word punk may be a barrier for mainstream (or "mainsteem") adoption. (This could also be a term to describe certain community members, no?)
  • Steemtrunk - this is too many confounded thoughts in one to explain

Steam is the name of an extremely successful and long standing game engine, games made using this engine are often referred to as 'Steam Powered'.

The similarity struck me the first time I heard of steem/steemit.

steem.engine or any similar variation/derivative would likely raise issues, I think steem & Steam are close enough as it is, which takes steem engine off the list.

Every single time I tell someone about Steem, they immediately ask, "Isn't that a gaming platform?" Almost every time I google something about Steem, it autocorrects to Steam. I think this name collision is just going to cause more headaches later on, and it might be better to change the name while the platform is still young.

I like your name by the way. I did not know this about the game Steam. Thanks for the information.

I kinda like "steemit"... plus, if you change the name, it has to change to a name where you can buy the domain name, because you can't have people going to a different domain than the name of the site...

That complicates life, because short domain names are very hard to get. "steemit" is only seven letters... very very hard to find a seven-letter domain that is also catchy.

My suggestion: let's live with "steemit" Don't worry about Reddit, or steam.
Those of us who are subscribed to steemit, we are already accustomed to it the way it is and not many are complaining.

"Steem Dollar" is as good a name as any, and actually better than many real world currencies (eg, "dinar" "shekel" "real" "ruan" "kroner" etc.) .

train might work, as this is almost a vehicle for training people to create content. steem also kinda mimics the word esteem. after all content is nothing without the value others place in it.

Yeah, I like the steem/esteem parallel you drew.

It would have to have the word "Bit" in it.
Or people won't be able to make the connection.

It would have to be something like: BitBlog = BTB or Bitwriting = BTW; something easy to identify with crypto's.
Or BitSpam, BTSM.
I think you get the idea.

We could just announce: Turn your BitSpam into Bitcoin!!
People would come a running.

but you would have to get a new domain name to go with the new name, too...

right now, it is That is 7 letters.

I went to see: is already taken, and it is 9 letters. is 7 letters but it too is already taken. is not taken... but I think the word "spam" in the domain has a horrible connotation, and so I feel it would be a very bad domain name.

I like

Why fix it, if it ain't broke?

I think its fine as it is. Those saying the Steam the gaming company will cause confusion, It wont once Steemit is more famous there will be no more problems.

I Don't Know I Kind Of Like The Name Steemit Besides Almost Every Big Corporation Though That They Chose And Inappropriate Name Like Facebook And Google :)

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I like Steem / Steemit. I don't think there is a need to change...

Engine. Engine in a car. Car is Driving. Driving is an action. The Action for steemit is writing or blogging.

Though we can't buy '" (I mean we could...)

But then again, steemit is becoming MORE with this DTube thing, it will be a video platform and just content in general.

My Ideas:

Something like:

we could buy a good domain with the hundreds of millions steem is worth :)