[ ICO ] Tokens presale started - blockchain startup GraphGrailAi (GGL)

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Presale is live now!

Russian version of this announce: https://golos.io/ru--kriptovalyuty/@bitcoinking/ico-preseil-obyavlen-blokchein-startap-graphgrailai-nachinaet-pervyi-zakrytyi-raund-presale-tokenov-ggl

Our site: http://graphgrail.com

GraphGrail Ai – is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence platform for Blockchain built on top of Natural Language Understanding technology with the DApps marketplace

Instructions: (please excuse me my English, it is not my native)

If you are US citizen you are not allowed to participate in presale and ICO.

Presale start date: 20, July, 6 a.m. UTC.
Presale end date: until $10 000 reached or 25, June, 6 a.m. UTC. (5 days)
1 GGL price: $0.014 (- 30% from 0.02) - for early adopters.
Cap for closed presale: $10 000.
Cap in Ethereum: 55.
Ethereum price is fixed every day on the level of btc-e.com exchange price in USD. Today, 20 July price is about $205.
Investors will receive GGL tokens starting from 21, July, 6 a.m. UTC.
Ethereum wallet for funds: 0x00FaA4833f31e9dae3eAa738121Fa2d72831d550
Please invest from your wallet only, not from Exchanges.


Beware of hackers. Invest only if Ethereum wallet listed in this Steemit post is the same posted in our Telegram chat https://t.me/GraphGrailAi. Double check address if someone will post something like "this address is wrong, send to this".
In this case immediately post this to https://t.me/GraphGrailAi and in pm to @Vic_Ai_Blockchain (in Telegram) or here in comments.

Presale results will be posted here https://steemit.com/@gromozeka and here https://golos.io/@bitcoinking.

Before you invest, check amount already invested here:
Ethereum https://etherscan.io/address/0x00FaA4833f31e9dae3eAa738121Fa2d72831d550

Next round rules: 1 GGL price become $0.02 (+30%). With smart-contract.
ICO round (september, 2017): 1 GGL price become $0.1 (+80%)

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Oh good, now that the market has started recovering we can go back to talking about the 2 million ICOs that are released every day. Lol

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