Gravity Protocol Roadmap

Today we want to share with you our roadmap leading us towards the launch of the main net on the Gravity Protocol website.

Let's examine each milestone in detail:

April 2018. We'll be building models for a dynamic emission algorithm.

As you may know, we are bringing several new features into space of blockchain algorithms, namely: Index of Importance and Dynamic Emission. The calculations for both of these algorithms were carried out by Russian mathematician Alexey Prokopov and are published in the Blueprint.

With them, we will be modeling two things in particular:

  1. Security. Since we are the first to be implementing Index of Importance in conjunction with dynamic emission, we understand that the network may be vulnerable to previously unknown attacks, and are most likely going to be fake network activity and the stuffing of peak Index of Importance values.

  2. Economy. We also are testing the flow of value using the historical activity data of the most popular networks (such as Bitcoin, etc.) to learn how consensus protocols affect this distribution depending on consensus algorithm and other network particulars.

May 1. Private testnet.

We will begin by testing our protocol in the private developers only environment. Participants will start the nodes and will carry out transactions. We will test the behavior of the dynamic emission and Index of Importance of nodes. By this point, the Block Explorer will be ready, and the test wallet named "Cloud Monet" will be ready as well, but they will not be made available to the public at this time.

However, at this stage, will be ready to provide access and instructions to any developers who may send us a request and leave the email address in the feedback form on our website.

May 20. Public testnet.
By this milestone Gravity Protocol will begin public testing. A section of our website containing the block explorer will be deployed. All visitors will be able to download the official Gravity wallet and read the instructions for launching the node.

At this time, we'll invite all developers and Graphene enthusiasts to deploy the nodes and participate in our Workers Program by auditing the Gravity code on Github.

We will also allocate 10% of the initial ZGV token distribution to the participants of the Workers Program. Details about participation in the public test will be available soon.

June 20. Launch of the main net.

After a month of public testing, we will launch the main network. Here is a breakdown of the features that will be available at launch:

Governance Structure.
All decisions should be made by the community after consensus has been reached. We have also developed a dedicated interface to give a voice to the thoughts, desires, and suggestions of the participants, within the Gravity Protocol. We aim to create a transparent system for the financing and development on the platform where everyone can influence the future of Gravity. This website also can be used by third-party services for their own purposes, not related to the Gravity Protocol.

Decentralized data storage will provide the ability to store account files and content addresses. Gravity Protocol allows for the transfer of content rights within a blockchain transaction, by encrypting both IPFS storage blocks and their addresses. As a result, it will allow each account to transfer the rights to download the content on a reward basis (data files, media files, etc.). We are implementing the widely used in the crypto industry asymmetric public-key cryptography, and in addition we are also implementing symmetric content encryption with a high-speed AES-256 algorithm.

by Yuri Parsamov

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What is the final destination of Gravity Protocol??????


conceptually we are heading to the most business oriented blockchain, that's why we will incentivize not the technical stakeholders (miners, witnesses, whales), but the most active network participants, which is the only economically justified way to grow the network

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